You Stranger Thing by Andrew Squitiro

The Fem Lit Mag
Mar 11, 2017 · 1 min read

Follow me to the upside down. Run tumbles
down my arms, spring like a flea
from my lungs to my mouth. We’ve been
chased for so long, do you think you can imagine
what it’ll like to be still? Start now. Put me

on the back of your bicycle seat and we’ll ride
down the hills til we get used to their blur. Consider
what’s relative. Consider me

your lover. When we sleep together under
the fortress of twigs in your backyard,

it can’t get to us in here. I fear
everything that whimpers
but never screams. You yell
because you love me. You carry

a revolver in your jeans. You
strange thing, you

shoot to kill. This is why I’m yours,
you are an acrobat and I am your rope.

Andrew Squitiro is a poet and teacher based out of New Orleans. His writing can be found at Diagram, Pank, and Entropy. He enjoys chess and model rocketry. He is interested in the connections between sex and God, love and worship.

The Fem

A magazine of inclusive, diverse, feminist literature.

The Fem Lit Mag

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The Fem

The Fem

A magazine of inclusive, diverse, feminist literature.

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