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A Woman’s Body & Height Is Not Her Definition

Stop making her feel bad because of her appearance.

In our world, we often judge women by the size and height of their bodies. People make fun when they see a fat woman or a too slim woman. Or if a woman is too long or too short, according to someone, they pass hateful comments and look at them in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable. I believe the world needs to behave better. We all need to behave better. If a girl gets fat, her family and friends tell her, “No one will get married to you. Boys don’t like these types of body sizes.” Or if a girl has a slim body, people say “You look so weak, don’t you eat something?” Similarly, girls hear so many unnecessary suggestions because of their heights too.

We should stop telling women that it is necessary for them to be likable to boys, and start comforting them to love themselves and their bodies and the heights they have. The size of the body doesn’t define the prettiness of a person. It’s how we look at that person that matters. Instead of making women feel shame because of their bodies, we should encourage them to live in ways they feel comfortable about. A woman’s body or height is not her definition. No one has any right to pass any hateful comment to a woman because of how she looks with her body.

When a woman has a body she doesn’t feel good about and then people tell her bad things about it, this thing increases her suffering. When anyone laughs at a woman because of her body or height, it damages her confidence to live a good lifestyle. We don’t know about the pain a woman goes through when society makes her feel shameful because of her body or how long or short she is. Next time, when we or anyone with us sees a woman with a body or height that makes us laugh, we should ask ourselves, “Do I want to be remembered as a person who makes people suffer?”



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Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He is the author of Twenty Bright Paths.