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Being A Woman Is Not Weakness

It’s wrong to link weakness with women.

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It is a strange perception of the world to think being a woman is some kind of weakness, while men are superheroes full of strength and power. It is disgusting to the core that we associate being weak with being a woman. Being a woman is not a weakness and we should accept it, understand it, and not deny it. This narrow-minded mindset that women are weak damages not only adults but little girls too. It forces them to dislike themselves and admire men for strength.

However, “weakness or being weak” is not a woman trait but a human trait. Regardless of gender, anyone can feel weak or be weak. So we must stop saying this nonsense sentence that women are weak. This thought that women are weak, the people who believe in it, often do injustice and wrong to women because they think women can do nothing for themselves. We should stop people and let them feel bad when they say things that hurt the identity of women.

It is not right to make women suffer by imposing incorrect opinions on them. The world needs to change its language for women. We must use respectable words when we define a woman. Women are not weak. It is us who make them weak by not giving them their rights. It is unfair to call someone weak by snatching their powers. I believe by breaking the stereotypes, by becoming open-minded, we can all learn to appreciate the strengths of women. We must become decent human beings.




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Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He is the author of Twenty Bright Paths.

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