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Females Are Not Limited To Marriage

It’s wrong to expect females to get married and start a family.

Photo By Beatriz On Unsplash

It is the world’s habit. We expect females to get married and start a family. We burden women to marry as they are bound to do it. But what if a female doesn’t want to marry when her parents or society prefers that she should? What if she wants to marry later in life or never? I believe we should understand one thing that females are not limited to marriage. They are not bound to marry. They can get married when they want or even if they never want to marry, we should not have any problem with that. No one has any right to tell her she should marry.

Females can do and be whatever they want. Yes, we know it. But not all of us accept or understand this thing. A female can choose to live a life without marriage. There is nothing wrong with living alone. Parents should not force their daughters to get married. And they should not let any relative or anyone else tell their daughters or suggest that they get married. Unwanted marriage suggestions and advice make women's life tough. Another thing that we all must understand is that just because a female doesn’t marry anyone, it doesn’t mean she is less than other women.

We should let females live how they want. Whether they want to marry or not should be only their personal decision. The world should be comfortable with strong independent females who don’t want to make anyone their life partner. Females are not the world’s slaves. None of us should impose anything or any decision on any female. Marriage is not a small thing. Every female has the right to think and decide what type of life she wants. The world needs to understand.



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