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Talking About Periods Is Not A Shame

It should be okay to discuss periods.

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Many women don’t talk about their periods. They hide this thing because people make them feel embarrassed. Periods are a natural thing and we should make women feel supported so that they can openly talk about it instead of lying when they take holidays at the office, or when they refuse to attend an event, or in any other situation. Having periods should not be the reason for having shame for women. It is the world’s fault that we don’t accept something that is a natural part of women’s bodies.

Women pretend they are alright during periods, it is because they feel it is a disgrace to speak about it. Sometimes they hate their existence because of periods. Having periods is not a fault, it is just how women’s bodies work. This thing is very simple to understand, but still many of us don’t understand it and make women feel ashamed because of it. Periods are not a sweet thing. Men cannot imagine the pain and problems women face during periods. That is why it is necessary for men to educate themselves about it.

When women have periods, we should take care of this thing and should not involve them in anything that can make their situation more hard. And it is important for us to encourage women to talk about periods when they go through them. When they pretend they are fine in the times of periods, it doesn’t reveal the truth. As a result, no one understands their situation and they remain in trouble. All of us should give women the confidence to speak the truth, and when they speak the truth, we should make them feel that they are valued.




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