Accidental Loneliness

“Your mouth and mine
are old friends.
Your belly greets my spine
as I fold myself into you
each night,
wound up as tight
as a cuckoo in a clock.

Time deceives you and me. 
It takes away our things…
much needed things that
we sometimes recall only when
our eyes take in the 
expanse of the star-lit sky.

It is strange how empty the
galaxies seem without you. 
With you they are doorways to 
where the jinns and the fairies live.

What cannot be chewed
must be swallowed whole.

Our mouths are flintstones
they ignite as they rub together
Our limbs fuse, our minds melt…
only the bodies remain.

Your being and mine
are old friends. 
When I don’t know
how to be,
I seek myself in you.

There are days our mouths squabble
over matters that neither I nor you,
can remember afterwards.

Our mouths meet
like old friends do — 
words are rendered needless.

Our bodies talk
as they
make love
on the silent battlefield.

You or me -
even victory herself 
cannot tell
to whom she now belongs.

Your mouth and mine, 
are old friends.
Your belly meets my spine
as I pour myself into you
and spatter pain
all over the walls…
as I burst.

Without you I wouldn’t know
how to 
put myself 
back together.

If only pieces of me
were like Mah-jong tiles.

But they aren’t.
(Besides, I am not that
fun to play with.)

A night without you
is not a night darling,

It is accidental loneliness.”