Call off Your Music

“It is your music that still haunts me,
the songs that played
while you lay reading by the bedside
and I’d be up
winking at the moon.

Seemingly innocuous songs
that are now played back
inside my head
whenever the moon pours
its silver rain on me.

Your music jumps up at me
out of nowhere
when I bend down to
smooth my pillow,
every fold of the fabric
plays out your notes
reminding me of a warmth
I care not to remember.

Your melodies traverse with me
the spines of old, tattered books
leaving your vanilla scent
on every yellowed page.
The words unwrap your essence in me,
over and over again
till I begin to ache with familiarity.

They follow me wherever I go.
There is no silence, no oblivion.
Give me back my silence
call off your haunting music.”