Something Purely Electric

“It was something purely electric,
it wasn’t about who was right
or who was wrong,
it was about much bigger things than that.
It was about the inexplicable contortions
of knees and ankles,
elbows and navels,
hair mussed up on pillows,
of anatomy pressed within sheets
of heat and surrender.
Water running over veins,
her smile dipped into his chin,
hands scoping, fingers vagrant…
the snubbery of his nose
roused her tender collar-bones.
Palms roosted in palms;
they smiled and giggled
in the dark.
Past hours of
chests smoothed
and nipples bit,
their pupils dilated…
play finally losing out
to contented fatigue.

A deep addiction
(to each other’s presence)
tiptoed its way in
on the silent rays of dawn,
hovered above the dark shapes
pickled in sweat and bliss…
entered them while they slept,
and then never left.”


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