The Head and The Heart

“The Head and The Heart —

they have a pact.

They travel

to strange places,

but on different routes.

They’re antagonistic pals,

but they are deeply bonded

and embarrassed to show it clearly.

They get passive,

they get aggressive.

They never let you feel

the full weight of their acts.

The Head and The Heart

want to be your puppet-masters,

but one body and one mind

cannot answer to two

and so the battle rages on…

Between Reality and Dreams,

between Mind and Body,

between Thought and Action —

all that we go through in life

is the fighting of these frenemies.

You can see them

quarreling beneath your skin.

Haven’t you noticed

When your body is happy

like after a full meal or love-making

the mind goes to sleep,

it stops talking and just lets you breathe..

and when the mind is agitated

the body gets neglected and abused.

These are the soldiers

enlisted in this battle

between you and yourself.

The Heart and The Head,

can be merciless

for they believe they’re

the only ones running the show.

But they both make mistakes

and they’re both at times

incredibly correct in telling

you what to do.

So you need to take the best of both.

Sometimes you need The Head more,

and sometimes you need

more of The Heart

but at all times,

you do need them both.

The next time you’re at

a low point in life,

look back and review

which one you shut out

and you’ll see what mistake you made.

You have to chew on both ends

of this double-candy stick,

and this is what makes life

bittersweetly delectable.

You wouldn’t be much of a person

if you had it any other way.

Wisdom, in youth

may look like having to

choose one out of the two.

But the age of maturity,

when it comes,

will inform you that

Wisdom lies in learning

how to get them both together

in one place —

The Head and The Heart.

That’s where the magic is.

There is no absolutely correct way

to lead a human life,

remember that

what you see and what you hear

is always less powerful

than what you tell yourself.

But reality can’t be wished away

with mere words.

It takes a lil bit of that mad Heart —

and its courage and sweat,

and some of that sound Head —

and its unending hours of thoughtful toil,

to build a life

you won’t live to regret.”

  • Koni.
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