The Storm in Her Eyes

Artwork by Koni. (‘Goddess’ in pastel.)

“Read the storm in her eyes,
breathe in
the swell of her tender breasts.
She knows not
where she is headed,
the glow-worms throng
to greet her.
They tiptoe into
her silken tresses
hovering soundlessly
upon the cloak of the thin September mist.
The queen of shadows
dwells in chaos
shies from open skies,
her feet moored
to the pond
with the swaying strings
of fireflies.
Her raiment subdued,
her visage murky
with the unending foreplay
of wisdom and curiosity,
she knows not where
she is to go.

She looks at the waters
now glazed into her veins…
waves tremble upon her back,
she is frightened
of what is to come.”

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