How Silicon Valley Made Big City Housing The Cause Of And Solution To Inequality (In 9 Visuals)

San Francisco simulated with enough high-rises to be affordable to median-income families
Credit: Brookings
(Data here)
Source: Wikipedia

San Francisco At The Breaking Point

Credit: Alfred Twu

Here’s what the famous Mission neighborhood will look like at street-level view.

Credit: Alfred Twu

Stacking away ghettos

Rich Residents Make For High Employment And Wages

No Cities? Commute

End of Government Support for Suburbs

I suspect that in the long run, the twentieth-century fling with suburban living will look, just like the brief age of the industrial city, more like an aberration than a trend… our culture, our prosperity, and our freedom are all ultimately gifts of people living, working, and thinking together — the ultimate triumph of the city.



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