It’s OK to Hate Your Spreadsheet

Maybe you, like many people, have a love/hate relationship with your spreadsheet. It runs your business (or your team, or your school) and you’re in it every day. But it’s big, complicated, hard to search, and full of duplicate data. And it’s only getting worse.

You’ve been thinking about moving to a “real” client tracking system (or CRM, or inventory). But nothing out there tracks your process as closely as the custom spreadsheet you made for yourself.

We understand, and we created Fieldbook just for you. Fieldbook is an online database that’s as easy to use as a spreadsheet, and lots of people like you have switched to it from Excel or Google Sheets, solving their spreadsheet headaches without giving up their customizations.

But we’ve learned from talking to our customers that it’s not always obvious how to move from a spreadsheet to a database system like Fieldbook, or how to reorganize your sheets to take full advantage of the features it offers.

That’s why we’re launching a new campaign called “I Hate My Spreadsheet”: We’ll take anyone’s ugly, frustrating spreadsheet and turn it into a tidy, delightful Fieldbook database—for free.

Our data experts will split up complex sheets into smaller ones, collect scattered info in one place for searchability, and eliminate data duplication. We do all the work, you don’t pay a cent until you’ve had a chance to try it and decide you want to keep it.

If you can’t live with your spreadsheet, and can’t live without it—send it to us today:

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