Talk on machine learning from practice to production

Meet Ramanan Balakrishnan, one of the speakers at The Fifth Elephant 2017

Ramanan Balakrishnan is a member of the data science team at Semantics3 — building data-powered software for ecommerce-focused companies. Over the years, he has had the chance to dabble in various fields covering data processing, pipeline setup, database management and data science. When not picking locks, or scuba diving, he usually blogs about his technical adventures on his team’s engineering blog.

Even though AI research and machine learning systems are growing at great speed, there seems to exist a gulf between appreciating these developments and subsequently deploying them. Despite the global push to democratize machine learning, the steps prescribed don’t align with the fuzzier problems that need solving.

Identifying common patterns and standardizing processes can provide greater returns in the long-term. The aim of the talk is to bring to the front discussions about deploying machine learning — questions to ask and steps to implement to ensure success in productionizing ML workflows.

This talk is aimed at machine learning enthusiasts who wish to get started with applying machine learning techniques across various domains. Hopefully, this talk also provides a chance for the experienced practitioner to step back and take in the view of the bigger landscape.

This talk will help audience in developing an appreciation of the broader questions (not whether you need a CNN, GAN or TROL) that need to be asked. Datasets, frameworks and deployment practices — are some of the topics that the audience would be encouraged to think about. The talk is almost a recollection of a journey in moving machine learning from practice to production.

If you have questions about Ramanan’s talk or want to get in touch with him, tweet to him @ramananb.

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