How UMich invests in animal cruelty

Sam Plouff is a sophomore at the University of Michigan. Upon learning her school, The University of Michigan, was investing in Roark Capital, she started a petition asking the university to divest from a firm profiting from animal cruelty.

In this new video, Sam partnered with to tell the story of her campaign to urge UMich to divest from Roark Capital until they improve the lives of chickens. Please watch and share today!

Roark Capital is a private equity firm, and major investor in CKE Restaurant Group, the parent company of Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s who lack comprehensive and effective chicken welfare policies.

The life of these chickens is one of horrific animal cruelty. That is why she is asking UMich to stop investing in Roark until its investees follow major companies, like Burger King and Subway, in publically committing to higher welfare for chickens.

Please spend a few minutes with Sam on the University of Michigan campus to learn about the campaign in this video.