Justin Lyons
Aug 26, 2017 · 3 min read
A monument recognizing Texas veterans of the Civil War near the Texas Capitol in Austin. (Photo Credit: Tom Reel, San Antonio Express-News)

In the two weeks since Charlottesville, Americans have been grappling with how to fight against white supremacy and its various manifestations in our culture today.

Ten days ago, I shared how citizens were taking immediate action in response to both the tragic events and President Trump’s controversial comments about who was to blame for the violence. Since then, many of society’s leaders have stepped up.

Business CEOs abandoned President Trump’s now-disbanded advisory councils. Online platforms have stopped hosting white supremacist websites. Elected officials have acted swiftly to make changes in their local communities.

More importantly, ordinary citizens have become leaders in their communities by demanding action from those in power. They’ve lent their personal stories to petitions, educated the public about state and local history — and those who came before us — and mobilized their supporters in service of impact.

This weekend, take a few minutes to catch up on what’s been moving on Change.org on these matters and see how you can get involved in recent campaigns that are on the path to make a difference.

What’s Recently Happened

Squarespace removes white supremacist websites. A campaign with 60,000+ supporters helped push Squarespace to remove such group’s websites from its platform. The petition was covered by CNN, USA Today, The Washington Post and more.

Local communities are removing Confederate symbols. More than 140 petitions have been started as calls for the removal of public symbols that honor the Confederacy and commemorate its leaders from have been renewed.

Petitions are making an impact. Civic organizing on Change.org around Confederate monuments has led to press coverage in over 660 national, local and niche media outlets. There have already been victories in Texas, Arkansas, California and Michigan.

Steve Bannon leaves the White House. More than 345,000 people signed a petition launched after the 2016 election calling for President Trump’s chief strategist to be removed from his role in the administration. Bannon left the White House last week.

What’s Moving Now

It’s worth spending some time perusing the petitions on this movement page. There are countless stories of local symbols that you may not have heard of, as well as creative ideas on how to move forward. You might even find a growing campaign in your local community or state.

Before you do that, here are a few petitions that have led calls for other types of changes.

Evangelical advisory board members resign. After the initial calls for business leaders to step down from presidential advisory councils, Donald believes that the 20+ evangelical leaders should follow suit (one has already done so).

Repeal of NC and SC monument bills. Both North Carolina and South Carolina have laws on the books that prohibit the removal of Confederate statues and monuments. Petitions have been launched by citizens in both states calling for the repeal of these laws.

Remove white nationalists from Tumblr. Nearly 17,000 people have signed a petition urging Tumblr to remove white nationalists from its site. The petition starter says that action is needed because the popular blogging platform is “repeatedly ignoring reports on violent language.”

Replace Robert E. Lee from the U.S. Capitol. Virginia resident Richard saw the statue of the former Confederate general located in an underground room at the seat of our legislative branch. He doesn’t believe that Lee should reflect his state in a place where our elected leaders conduct business.


Change.org Staff on Empowering Citizens in the Trump Era and Beyond

Justin Lyons

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Powered by the people. Director, North America Campaigns at @change.


Change.org Staff on Empowering Citizens in the Trump Era and Beyond

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