Still from “Annabelle: Creation.” Courtesy of New Line Cinema.

“Annabelle: Creation” Scares Away New Releases To Claim #1 Spot

The horror genre continues to reign supreme just like the Conjuring franchise as Annabelle: Creation, the prequel to Conjuring spinoff Annabelle, opened big this weekend at around $35 million. In spite of Annabelle: Creation having a lack of star power, its success shows that the genre alone can guarantee big openings. Just ask the makers of films like Don’t Breathe, Lights Out and most recently, Get Out.

As for the other new releases, they were pretty much DOA. The Nut Job 2 only opened with about $8 million which is far less than how the first one opened ($19,423,000) back in 2014 while The Glass Castle could only squeak into ninth place even though it played in 1,461 theaters. Thankfully, leading actress Brie Larson is Captain Marvel and Woody Harrelson is in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff so they’ll easily survive this, proving that franchises can be an actor’s fairy godmother these days. But it’s Naomi Watts that I fear for. The Glass Castle turned out to be another dud in what is turning out to be an off year for the actress. The Book Of Henry came and went, her Netflix series Gypsy just got cancelled, and the long delayed 3 Generations barely made a blip upon release. But I’m sure she can turn things around because as they, the only place to go when you’re down is up.

Weekend Top Ten (August 11–13):

  1. Annabelle: Creation ($35,006,404) (NEW)
  2. Dunkirk ($10,884,117) (cum: $153,191,668)
  3. The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature ($8,342,311) (NEW)
  4. The Dark Tower ($7,820,154) (cum: $34,250,918)
  5. Girls Trip ($6,466,475) (cum: $97,139,980)
  6. The Emoji Movie ($6,450,927) (cum: $63,437,874)
  7. Spider-Man: Homecoming ($6,022,637) (cum: $306,376,331)
  8. Kidnap ($5,096,823) (cum: $19,266,106)
  9. The Glass Castle ($4,678,548) (NEW)
  10. Atomic Blonde ($4,480,635) ($42,727,860)

Elsewhere in the box office, Baby Driver has finally reached the $100 million domestic mark while The Big Sick continues to be a sleeper indie hit as it is currently sitting at around $36 million. But in the specialty market, Ingrid Goes West starring Aubrey Plaza and from newbie distributor Neon opened with the highest per theater average of the weekend with $45,100 in just three theaters. Not too far behind is A24’s Good Time starring Robert Pattinson which opened in four theaters with a per theater average of $31,275. They should have a steadier but wider expansion in the coming weeks.

What did you see this past weekend?
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