“Snatched” Is Run Of The Mill Yet A Solid Return For Goldie Hawn

Snatched is a project that had plenty of potential. It stars Amy Schumer, who is coming off of her breakthrough star turn in Trainwreck, and veteran movie star Goldie Hawn who is doing her first film in 15 years since The Banger Sisters. In spite of the bonafide talent involved that does what they can with the material, it doesn’t evolve into anything better than it could’ve been. But for what it is, it is a short (at 90 minutes) yet entertaining enough thrill ride.

Snatched follows a woman named Emily (Amy Schumer) who deals with a bad breakup with her rock star boyfriend (Randall Park) and insists that her distant homebody mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) comes on a trip with her to South America. But the trip goes awry once they get involved in a kidnapping scheme and start fighting for their lives.

The plot sounds very straight forward but that’s because it is. There lies my biggest gripe with the film. It is very formulaic and you understand the tricks that’ll take place as the film goes on. It’s formulaic to the point where the villain is given very little development. You know that Emily and her mother will learn about how important they are to one another. You know there’ll be some kind of fight ’em up climax. You can pretty much figure out every trick in the book.

Although, there are small moments where writer Katie Dippold turns on a dime and does a 180 from what we think will happen at that particular point once it takes places. For instance, as Linda and Emily are on the run, they meet a fellow American named Roger Simmons (Christopher Meloni) who acts as a stereotypically bold and masculine hero for these ladies but then at one point…something happens and that had me like “Wow, didn’t see that coming.”

As for the two main actresses, they do manage to give it their all. Even if Amy Schumer is doing her typical schtick, playing the same crass, childish character she did in Trainwreck, she did do a good job at playing it. I should say that I do feel that Schumer should be careful not to play the same role otherwise she’ll end up in Sandler territory and keep doing the same routine until people start to really get tired of it. Also, even if Goldie Hawn isn’t given as much to do, it was very nice to at least see her back on screen since her long absence and both her and Schumer had some very nice chemistry.

Overall, I don’t feel there is a whole lot else for me to say. Its plot is very straightforward but the two leading ladies give it their all and it got some good laughs out of me. If you see it, don’t go in expecting it to be on any end of the year “Top 10” lists or on people’s Oscar predictions. Go to the theater and just enjoy it for what it is. Not the classic of the century. Just a fun, short action comedy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Grade: B-