Listen and Repeat Advertising

Audiences expect the cutting-edge, progressive companies be developing for the near and distant future, but three recent campaigns have dialled it back, to focus on the present. Focusing on the moments that their brand permeates into daily life. The campaigns do this by capturing the consumer discourse around their product or product area and mirroring it back to the audience.

Rather than communicating as sage voices from the near future, providing us with solutions to problems we may or not be about to face, they’re speaking as voices of the here and now.

It’s no secret that listening to the public discourse around a brand can provide key insights into how we approach our audiences. However, recent campaigns from IKEA, Apple and Spotify have adopted a bare-bones “Listen and Repeat” communication style. What better way to show that a brand listening to your needs than an old fashioned likability trick; let the other person do the talking and adopt some of the language and tones of the person you’re communicating with. The audience likes to be listened to, these campaigns have used this direct strategy to creatively engage with the consumer discourse.

Apple: “We Hear You”

The refreshing honesty and down to earth tone of these campaigns shows how the brand must earn their place in the real lives of the audience. Rather than offering a lofty inaccessible concept of “the future of work”. Apple is talking about the issues you’re facing you today, and they’re communicating in your voice. The series of short video spots titled “We hear you”, follow a snappy ‘call and response’ format (add a pinch of emojis). The focused message and snappy rhythm, draw the brand and audience together into the moment, to think about the predicaments that are here and now.

IKEA: Retail Therapy, Åkestam Holst

IKEA reinforces their status as experts on the life at home, but not by talking about how perfect your home-life can be. This time, they use our sleepless, 2 a.m google searches to acknowledge and celebrate that life at home may not be so perfect after all.

Spotify: 2017 Spotify, Wieden+Kennedy NY

And if you’re a person who feels that a life-events such as; a root canal or your cat’s birthday deserve a dedicated playlist, then you’re not alone. Spotify’s playlist campaign drives home the message that Spotify is here for whatever occasion you see fit.

These campaigns are great examples of how marketers can draw a brand into the real life of their audience. They’re relatable and relevant. As to whether this technique will drive sales, is yet to see. However, it’s clear from the public reaction that these campaigns are increasing likability and the all important meaningfulness of these brands. They reinforce what the brand represents in the context of real life.