A Trend Analysis: Which path will FinTech choose?

May 7, 2015 · 2 min read

by: Devie Mohan

Twitter: @devie_mohan

FinTech is undoubtedly in a world of emerging uncertainty. All roads seem to be leading to FinTech, with incredible attention and pressure on the industry for a clear path to disintermediation, success and, of course, world domination.

I will analyse, with large-scale primary and secondary feedback, the trends that are driving the FinTech industry and its key players today and the trends that are likely to drive them into the immediate future. The Global FinTech Influencer survey revealed that the industry influencers consider the technology around cryptocurrency, payments innovation, customer experience initiatives, user authentication and new lending models as the defining factors of FinTech for the near future. However, are those trends holding true in the market? Are those in alignment with the investments, consolidation and product roadmaps that we are seeing?

Another way to assess the direction of FinTech is by looking at the early stage startups of today. The startups and technology providers approaching startup accelerators and early stage angel investors today are indicative of the continued innovation and disruption in FinTech. Startups in Asia revolve around healthcare, mass payment mechanisms and increased social media connectivity. Startups in London and Berlin are concerned about creating a payments ecosystem and improving customer interfaces. All the startups we see or hear about are creating patterns that paint the future of FinTech.

Above all, the question remains whether FinTech will actually help improve the lives of the under-served. By helping improve the service quality and by providing access to those not served today, FinTech is poised to provide for the greater good. But, will it get there? And if yes, which path will it take to get there?

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