Customer Acquisition in today Digital Economy

by: Robert Bloom


Digital Economy? Its what we did before in the physical world, we today do in a digital world, its that simple.

A lot of things changes in this Digital Economy, but one thing REMAIN; ALL COMPANIES NEED FOR CUSTOMERS, CUSTOMERS AND CUSTOMERS.

Lets make this super simple! Every sustainable business is all about “GET and KEEP” customers.

Fact is that all of the largest industries on the globe have been through revolutionary changes moving into the Digital Economy. The former way customers buy and consume product and services will never be the same again!

We USE computers/smartphones, but we LISTEN and TRUST PEOPLE!

In today 2015, isn’t it time for CONNECT what works the best from both the physical world and the new era of digital economy and networking age?

Lets “Leverage by sharing” and accelerate the “Power of recommendation”!

ONCE ANY DIGITAL SALES IS DONE ITS FOREVER TRACKABLE, EQUAL THE CASH FLOW. Its time start sharing, LIFETIME, revenue with customers do referrals, don’t stop, it will cost you thousands of new/free customers.

This works no matter of mature or emerging markets, culture, demographics …

There is an opportunity for all “Peer to Peer” (P2P) thinkers create NEXT step of customer acquisition model/strategy.“Leverage by Sharing” is the “Add More Value 3.0” for all companies want thousands of new customers and at the same time create increased customer loyalty in the digital economy!

I leave you with one last question:

What will happen with your business if you use this above “methods” in a multi tier sharing model, instead of traditionally single tier? THIS IS THE FUTURE! Are your business prepared and positioned to “Leverage by sharing” and create your existing customers the BEST and FREE “salespeople” you ever had?

Happy customer acquisition!

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