Frictionless Sales in Banking

by: Derek Corcoran

Twitter: @cxofficer

Every industry suffers from “abandonment” issues — customers commence a purchase transaction by taking some action such as clicking a “Buy Now” or “Apply Now” button, but give-up/exit/cancel before completing.

However, financial services appears to be the only industry that has resigned itself to accept abandonment rates in the digital channel (online and mobile) of 70% to 90%. To be crystal clear, what I’m saying is that for every 100 people who click “Apply Now” after reviewing a Credit Card or a Loan or a Transaction Account or an Insurance Policy, between 70 and 90 abandon before completing the application.

Ask yourself — why would someone click the “Apply Now” button if they weren’t genuinely interested in applying?

The reality is, they’ve clicked because they are interested — but the process of applying is so laborious that they abandon as they don’t have the time, don’t have the information to hand or simply get frustrated with a poor customer experience.

Amazon addressed friction in the retail or eCommerce experience with Amazon OneClick — by pre-configuring payment and delivery details a customer can order, pay and ship a product to their door with literally “one-click”.

Regulators won’t allow banks to on-board a customer to a new product with ‘one click’ — things like KYC (Know Your Customer) and the Responsible Lending Act make that an impossibility. But Fintech has provided us with a range of services to remove the “friction” from the sales process. So whilst we cannot deliver a ‘one-click’ account opening experience in financial services, we can do a lot better than we’re doing right now.

This article will explore the technologies and the financial institutions applying them to remove friction form the banking experience.

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