How your mobile may decide your next car

by: Bibhupriya Acharya

Twitter: @acharyabi

Personal preferences for the underlying technology now has deep impact on the way we interact with the world. Technology has deep personal and social impact on the space around us. As more and more devices that we use choose to integrate mobile the underlyingtechnology is dividing ( or integrating ?) the society.

Specific to the car buyers market the mobile and tablet technology already has deep impact on the end choice and the user experienece.

Car manufacturers have always tried to create new market segments based on — Speed, design or cost. Slowly but increasingly manufacturers will take sides and start integrating the underlying mobile technology — andriod auto/ apple in a car into the car thay make. This will be a game changer for the Fleet market with more integration on one hand where as a divided customer base on another. The mobile technology on the car dashboard is going to influence the market accepatbility and surely the residual value. The entire vehicle sales and service experience- starting with prospecting, sales and after sales support will have to undergo a change to align with the user choice of the mobile technology. The financiers , insurers and garages will have to develop differentiated offerings to adapt to the change.

Also the underlying mobile eco system will have clear impact on the new frontiers of vehicle technology such as driver less car.As telematics becomes more acceptable to users the manufacturers will attempt to replace the bulky black box with a user friendly and transparent mobile integrated to the vehicle.

How would a committed iphone user react to a car based on Android technology or vice-versa?

Cleraly car and mobile has a clear intersection and in the coming days it is going to widen.

Interesting times are back again!!!

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