Vision for the Future

by: Digital Banking Strategist

Meet Artus, your digital financial adviser:

“Ok, Artus, pls take care of the mortgage for our future home we have picked an hour ago.”

“…Mortgage processed… I have contracted with Crowdlending-Pool Europe III for a 20-year contract. You can move house on Monday, the MoveBots will be there at 7 am.”

“Wonderful. Any additional input needed?”

“No, all parameters are available. Your avatar ID will be entered into the global asset database as owner of your new home in Madrid on Monday. Pls validate the transaction within 24 hours at the global ID centre on Lombard Street (former Bank of England).”

“Artus, pls display our financial status”

“The total processing fees of 1.4% of transaction value will be transferred with the purchase price on Monday. Your monthly mortgage charge of 1,957 ePounds will be debited on every 1st of a month. You are committing 27% of your net income. Including your normalised level of expenses, you’ll have saved the tuition money for your children in 2021.”

“Ok, Artus, is there room for manoeuvre? I’d like to invite my family to an extended holiday in Africa.”

“Your savings rate is 10% of net income. The rate to achieve your net wealth target by the age of 57 is an annualised 8.2%. May I recommend a wonderful resort in Portugal instead, they are looking for new customers and are offering 4 weeks for your family at a bargain price?”

“Artus, the resort looks fabulous. Can you pls inform my boss about my intention to take an extended holiday and arrange accommodation and transport after approval?”

“…Holiday request processed … and agreed. Enjoy your trip, your flight details are available on your watchlet. Pls remember to take your annual financial education test next month, your license is about to expire on 17 May.”

Editors Notes: This entry has been submitted to the FINTECH Book, the world’s 1st globally crowd-sourced book on FINTECH. Readers that enjoyed this initial abstract are invited to share and like it so that it may be featured in a longer version.

The FINTECH Book is due to be released in April 2016 and is available for Pre-Order on Amazon.

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