Do you ever feel ungrounded or unfocused?

My mini mindfulness moments can help you get focused

Have you ever felt your brain swirling around in what feels like a million directions? That, to me, is what it feels like when my brain is left unmeditated, and ungrounded.

Lately, I’ve been into small mini mindfulness moments that add up throughout the course of the day.

Left photo is before meditation: Hyper, looking vigilantly focused.

Right photo is post meditation: Grounded, looking peaceful and ready to create.

Here’s my recipe for grounding that may help you too.

You can do this anytime throughout the day — interjecting this practice while using the restroom, washing your hands or while smelling your favorite essential oil are easy ways to remember to get out of your head and into your body.

  1. Plant both feet firmly on the ground (Shoes on is OK, Barefoot is ideal — Barefoot in grass or sand is optimal! Always.)
  2. Breathe deeply in through your nose and as you breathe out imagine roots growing from your feet
  3. Continue to imagine the energy leaving your head and becoming rooted into the body
  4. Emerge feeling much more grounded

Here’s to feeling your feet!

XO Gabi