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Remain in Mexico or MPP 2.0: Can Inhumane be Less Inhumane?

The Grand Finale of Witness Radio’s Inaugural Season

The day I meet a young woman dying of thirst in the Sonoran Desert in triple-digit heat, stranded by one of many walls erected by an unwelcoming USA, by Sarah Towle (2021)

A cruel, anti-asylum Trump-era policy is back under a president who promised a more humane border: the Migrant “Protection” Protocols, which never protected anyone at all.


President Joe Biden maintains that his Remain in Mexico program, or MPP 2.0, will be a gentler, “lite” version of his predecessor’s policy. But Can Inhumane be Less Inhumane?

That is the question Sarah Towle, Host and Director of Witness Radio, asks

  • Charlene D’Cruz, Good Lawyers for Good Government
  • Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, American Immigration Council, and
  • Yael Schacher, Refugees International

in this Grand Finale episode of Witness Radio’s inaugural season. Together, they unpack the Remain in Mexico program, its impact on human lives, and the convoluted litigation President Biden claims is forcing him to stand it back up again, even as his administration expands it.

We hope it sends you into 2022 with a bit of hope and just enough outrage.


For Additional Information:

On Externalization: Why the Belarus Migrant Crisis is Different, Vox

Remain in Mexico 2.0: Civil Society Left Holding the Bag, by Joy Olson

Biden Reinstates the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program: What You Need to Know, by Aaron Reichlin-Melnick

The Secretive Prisons That Keep Migrants Out of Europe, by Ian Urbina

Migrant “Protection” Protocols Survivor Stories: Gabriel, Perla, Natasha, Enrique, Series by Sarah Towle

Building Better, Not Backward: Learning from the Past to Design Sound Border Asylum Policy, by Yael Schacher

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