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The Seven Deadly Sins of Trump & Co’s Immigration Agenda

Another shameful period in US history? Or a quiet genocide against global refugees?

Sarah Towle
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2 min readOct 27, 2020


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As part of my 2020 GOTV efforts, I toured a webinar based on the subject of my coming book, THE FIRST SOLUTION, about the overlooked humanitarian crisis unfolding all along the US Southern border and in detention centers nationwide. Immigration in the US is about so much more than kids in cages — as if that weren’t already horror enough. But it exists largely out of view of a public bombarded by presidential chaos and the threat of COVID-19.

It’s how Trump & Co drove a spike through the soul of our nation.

No topic better reflects the divide between the two presidential candidates — and their supporters — than immigration. Yet no topic is less understood.

So I made this video explainer about the Seven Deadly Sins of Trump & Co’s immigration agenda. I hope you’ll check it out. Everyone should know the human rights atrocities Trump & Co committed in our names and with our tax dollars. One day they will be held to account.

With this video, my Medium magazine, and the resulting book, I invite you to join my in bearing witness to their crimes against humanity.

Sarah Towle on The Seven Deadly Sins of Trump & Co’s Immigration Agenda

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THE FIRST SOLUTION: Tales of Humanity and Heroism from Trump’s Manufactured Border Crisis, is rolling out on Medium as fast as I can write it because the issues it covers are Just. That. Urgent. Click here to find all episodes published to date.



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