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The First Time

My First Job Experience

I got scammed not once but almost two times!

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My first job experience was very interesting in so many ways. Here’s how it went all the way down.

I started working for the very first time in my life last year. I took a job as a home tutor where I would go to the student’s homes and teach them there. So, I started through a middleman kinda lady who would recommend to me the places where home tuitions (teaching) were required. And just like that, I got my first tuition and I was kind of happy to be finally working and making my own money.

The condition of payment in this thing is that for the first month the middleman takes half of your salary as their commission and from the second month the whole fee of the tuition is yours to keep. As I started in March, the middle lady needed to pay my half of my salary in the first five days of starting the tuition. But she didn’t and I too didn’t bothered because I was like, ‘that’s okay, she would definitely pay me when she gets time or at the end of the month’. So, I waited.

The first end of the month came and go, but she didn’t pay me anything. I tried to call her but she wasn’t picking up. So, I kept trying for another 4–5 days, but no response from her side. I got worried. I felt like I got scammed by her. I told the parents of the student whom I was teaching at that time about the situation and they were like we can’t do anything as they had fully paid the middle lady at the starting of the month. So, after 2–3 days I got a call from her daughter who told me that the middle lady was seriously ill and was admitted in the hospital. So, she told me that they were unable to pay me as they themselves need the money. So, I was like it’s okay, you could totally pay me later as I also have to pay my rent and it’s only the half which they had to pay me as the other half they were keeping already. After some days, when I called her and asked about her mother’s health, the daughter paid me only 25% of the full amount by saying that We keep 50% of full pay as a commission and 25% as registration. I revolted and said that there were no talks of the registration fee at the start. So, don’t try to fool me and just pay me my share. But that girl was what should I say, she was so blunt and wasn’t ready to pay me back. She didn’t show any empathy even after knowing my story about how I was surviving for the past 15 days by borrowing money from friends. I was stunned by her audacity. This is what you get when you show sympathy to people in their hard times.

I still tried to contact her and persuade her to pay me back. But in the end, when I got no response, I sent her a simple text about how she shouldn’t do this to anyone in the future, everyone is fighting their own battles.

I remember at the end of the day, I called my sister and cried and cried about how people are so mean and rude. I was angry at myself for being so naive.

And then the second month was already started and now the parents of the student didn’t pay me at the starting of the month again. Again I was fool enough not to ask for the money at starting of the month.

Then the second wave of COVID came which was deadlier than the first one. It was spreading fast. So, everyone was either returning to their hometowns or stopped going to their work. And my student had her final exams cancelled due to COVID and now she was in no mood to study for the next class at that time. So, she started behaving rudely to me. One morning she told me not to come and teach him anymore. I told her mother and she was like okay, you can start after COVID. I told them to pay me and I returned to my hometown.

A few days passed and I still got no pay. If you ask me about the naïve and stupid behaviour then I can’t think of anyone else except me who got her lesson after being slapped on the face twice by not getting paid for the second month consecutively.

I called the mother of the student to pay me and she kept telling me that she would pay me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 10–15 days passed and no pay. And that lady started to leave my texts on seen. The student belonged to a rich family but still, they behaved like that.

I felt betrayed, scammed and so low on myself. I was like how people can forget to pay someone after taking their services and how can they be so irresponsible?? When they want your service, they just want you to do some magic and make their child the super-intelligent one in the whole world. And when it’s time to pay you, they become totally deaf. Finally, I texted her daughter and she asked her mother to pay me. And I got paid my fee finally after a month of leaving that job.

So, my first job experience wasn’t that exciting and full of money. It was an eye-opening experience for me, which was making me ready for the new, real and practical world. I learned some good things too from this experience like interacting with people, getting on my teaching better, and talking my way out of the people.

It was a memorable experience that I would remember for my life and laugh at it in the future.



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