Be the Cause of Your Success at
Camp CAS (Camp Cause And Success)

There are a LOT of Cause and Effect situations in business. When you enter the world of leadership, startups, entrepreneurship and out of the box thinking you can create some crazy cause and effects.

But what if you knew you could cause…success?

What does that even mean?

I’ve been to dozens and dozens of coaching programs, leadership conferences, seminars and events that claim to teach leadership.

The problem is that leadership is like riding a bike. I could tell you all day long what to do, what it looks like, describe balance and peddling and steering and braking and turning…but until you get ON a bike you won’t be able to really get it.

Learning leadership from the confines of a chair, in an air conditioned hotel or seminar center is akin to reading about riding a bike.

The adventure based leadership events are getting closer to leadership in action. You can push your boundaries, become aware of your edges and discover abilities or obstacles that were unnoticed moments ago. However, many of these awesome, inspired events leave participants with “WOW! Amazing. I wish I could be like this every day…” and then they head back to the office with no tools to integrate their learning.

The other problem with many ropes course based learning is that they work with in-tact teams. However, there is inherent hierarchy in teams and it’s really tough to break that down in only a few hours. Teams that CAN break it down and learn, are often the ones that don’t need to be at the course in the first place.

So, we need to learn, integrate, apply and take action — all while learning about ourselves without the confines of business teams.

Where’s that going to happen?

Well… at Camp CAS (Camp Cause And Success)

3 1/2 days in the mountains
3 1/2 days without cell phones (and email!)
3 1/2 days with creative business leaders
taking action, inspiring ideas, making change happen

We have put together an amazing team to help you bring what you already know — YOU! — and challenge yourself to be an even more amazing, effective and inspiring leaders.

Camp CAS is not just learning — it’s about action. You’ll experience how to create a business in just 3 1/2 days. You’ll have hands-on practice with new leadership styles (without the implications of risking your business). You’ll have freedom to play or to roam or to roll up your sleeves and take action.

Learn more… — that’s Camp Cause And Success. Get curious. Stay connected. Be confident.

See you at Camp?