A bit of a riff from me today as I was planning some Camp games for the Camp CAS Leadership Summit.

No…we’re not playing Duck, Duck, Goose (well, maybe) but I did start thinking about that game and how it relates to business.

First, do you remember the anxiety that would build as one kid just kept going around and around? There was a definite arc to the anxiety…it would build after 2 or 3 “ducks”, you’d want to get on your knees, or squat…be ready to run, twitching with excitement.

And as that kid kept going “duck, duck, duck, duck…duck…” you’d start to get annoyed. Come ON! This is boring. Just PICK someone.

But then it may build again. Then get boring. Then build. Until finally…GOOSE! Game ON!

So the business analogy? Sometimes we can play with anticipation as a good thing. Leaking product release information or building mystery. But if we go on too long before we actually release the product, we’ll lose our audience. It’s possible to rebuild the suspense, but we’ll lose them quicker again, too.

The other analogy…sometimes we can play our own game of Duck, Duck….Goose but it looks more like Idea, Idea…Action.

If we have too many ideas we can lose sight of our goal. We can actually get bored with our own ideas if we don’t move to action fast enough.

So, of course, this lead me to look at how are we helping you to experience moving from Idea to Action at the Camp CAS Leadership Summit?

And if you’re not yet part of Camp CAS, we want you to be. Learn more to see if it’s a fit for you at



Many pick up a non-fiction book to improve our business, health or relationships — and never get past The First Two Chapters. We read the intro, think “yep, I got this” then promise “to study more later.” We get it. We try to give first chapter points so you can get into action.

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