Oh man…Did I just become obsolete?

I’ve been conducting research for an article about changing the conversation for Women in Business so we can drop any victim language and step into our leadership roles.

One thing was definitely confirmed:

In the new sharing/connection/social entrepreneurialism economy, we are SUPPOSED to highlight our life experience, our social endeavors, our volunteerism.

Crap! I just spent 20 years of my life pushing that to the bottom of my resume, hiding my social justice and volunteer work because I was told it made me look like I never “held a real job” or “was all about feeling good and not about bottom line company needs”.

I, as did many women of my generation, became a master at highlighting what I can do for your company rather than how your company can change when focused on serving others.

We accepted feeling sort of “off” or “out of alignment” when we were told to hide our passion and focus on company needs — number — facts and figures about how we can move the needle.

In the early 90’s, I invested $1000’s of post grad dollars I didn’t have hiring professionals to rewrite my resume to show, not tell, the impact I’ve made through numbers and percentages.

Now, I learn the way I approach facts and figures is obsolete. We must now be master story tellers that work with empathy, move emotions and talk about WHY we do what we do, not just the results.

“Stories are more powerful than statistics. Maybe it’s because they put a face to an idea, or make tough concepts simple…the most effective narratives let you step into someone else’s shoes…”

I don’t feel sorry for myself or the women of my generation (yes, sigh, The bitter, self-centered, we-had-it-so-hard, Gen “1st-to-do-worse-than-our-parents” X Revolutionaries).

We FINALLY GET TO COUNT OUR LIFE EXPERIENCE as actual work experience. Not just count it, but high light it.

But I do wonder how quickly we’ll adapt to this new way that should be so natural to us? Or will we hold on to the story of “I worked so hard to conform — I’m NOT changing now!”?

Servant Leadership is the latest and greatest term. And to become a true Servant Leader one can NOT just read a book and step on over the line.

For men, it may mean a huge inner transformation of letting go of ego out-front leadership to learn to lead from behind the pack. For women, it may mean a huge inner transformation of learning to serve in ways that still move our own agenda forward rather than giving up our own needs for those of another.

My point? Women are primed for leadership that is both vulnerable and courageous. Women have been raised for leadership that invites others to join our mission. Women are ready to transform Servant Leadership into just…Leadership.

Will we step up for the opportunity?

See you at Camp Cause And Success (CAS) — The Only Experiential Leadership Summit for Women.



Many pick up a non-fiction book to improve our business, health or relationships — and never get past The First Two Chapters. We read the intro, think “yep, I got this” then promise “to study more later.” We get it. We try to give first chapter points so you can get into action.

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