The Fixx: #CocksNotGlocks is quite possibly the best protest ever + one man’s take on how to land a job

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Iced Out Interview

Executive recruiter Bruce Hurwitz took to his LinkedIn page to deliver advice to engaged interviewees—if you’re trying to land a job, leave your ring at home.

Oh wait, it gets better. One of his reasons is that women with engagement rings seem high maintenance to other men in the office and women feel threatened by a diamond if it’s bigger than theirs. Bruce tried to clear things up in a follow-up post, claiming he was only talking about really big rocks. His theory? Are you ready for it? Get a load of this…

“When a man gives a woman an engagement ring, he buys the least expensive ring that he believes it will take to get her to agree to the proposal. For women it may be a symbol of everlasting love, but for men (when it is expensive) it is akin to a business transaction. So when a male interviewer sees what appears to be an expensive engagement ring he assumes the wearer is, as I said in the article, “high maintenance.” He may be willing to have a high-maintenance woman in his personal life; he doesn’t necessarily want one in his office.
As for women, I can only repeat what I wrote in the previous article: The woman in the office who has the largest engagement ring will be against you because, if you are hired, she’ll be Number Two.”

“High maintenance,” “a threat…” don’t we just love totally objective unsolicited advice? (via Refinery29)

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You’d Think Stanford Would Be Smarter than This

In an effort to combat campus rape, Stanford has decided to ban hard liquor from undergraduate campus parties. Ralph Castro, director of the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education, said in a statement, “Our focus is on the high risk of the rapid consumption of hard alcohol. Our intention is not a total prohibition of a substance, but rather a targeted approach that limits high-risk behavior.”

Stanford spokesperson Lisa Lapin told SFGate, “the new policy was not directly related to the Turner case, but came out of general concern and is part of the school’s efforts to examine educational efforts and policies around alcohol use.” No word yet on if any REAL rape prevention and/or consent education is on the way. (Via The Cut)



When you see a bunch of young women wielding dildos, you might think you’re in the middle of a sorority shindig or a bachelorette party. Nope, just some good ol’ American protest.

Texas’ new gun law states that anyone over 21 with a handgun license can carry a concealed gun on public school campuses. You know what you can’t carry on school campuses, dildos. Thus #CocksNotGlocks was born.

Founder Jessica Jin told Refinery 29, “As long as you have a dick on your backpack, people will be thinking about the guns inside of other people’s backpacks.” (Via Refinery29)

Photo: Chris Carlson/AP

Burkinis Still Not Welcome on the Beach

Although France’s Council of State overturned the ban on burkinis, unfortunately women who practice modesty are’t quite in the clear. Other resort towns are still enforcing the law and requiring women to remove layers or leave the beach.

After the initial ban was lifted, signs warning against “beachwear which ostentatiously displays religious affiliation” were removed. Unfortunately the signs are now back up. We’ll keep you posted on this issue. (Via The Cut)

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