The Fixx: #Fitspo is Sort of Fake and NJ Law Has a Serious Anti-Lesbian Loophole

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Pluses and Minuses

Good news and bad news— the good news is H&M cast plus-size model Ashley Graham in their latest campaign. And even better, it’s for H&M Studio, that’s their fancy sh*t. It’s a good moment for Ashley but what about the rest of us? In their press release H&M mentions that plus sizes won’t be available in stores, only online. Huh? Nah that’s not gonna work, guys. (Via Racked)

Johnny on the Spot

When John Mayer’s skin routine started to make headlines, I thought for sure that it would be some beauty blogger parody. Wrong! He has a damn good nighttime moisturizing routine that puts mine to shame! Check out his skin hacks and spot treatments above. (Via HuffPo)

Do. Better.

Hey, Mercury News SHE HAS A NAME! What the hell! And don’t blame it on Twitter’s 140 character rule, “Simone Manuel” is fewer characters than “African-American.” (To add insult to injury, Mercury is a Bay Area-based publication. We’re better than this!) (Via Cosmo)

NJ Mandate Loophole is Bad for Lesbians

This is absolutely infuriating. According to a NJ mandate, lesbian couples have to prove they had unprotected heterosexual sex before infertility treatments can be covered by their insurance. Here’s a snippet from an article on Cosmo:

According to, Erin and Marianne Krupa of Montclair, Sol Mejias of North Bergen, and Sarah Mills of Union City were all denied coverage based on the heteronormative wording of a law. A New Jersey state mandate from 2001 defines infertility as being unable to become pregnant after “two years of unprotected sexual intercourse.” For people in same-sex relationships, many of whom go about conceiving via methods such as artificial insemination and surrogates, this isn’t relevant, and ends up excluding them from important coverage.

So what are the options for lesbian couples? Well they can pay out of pocket for fertility treatments, wait for better legislation, or have unprotected sex with a man for two years. Something has to change. (Via Cosmo)

#Fitspo Gets Real

The world of fit inspiration or #fitspo can be equal parts motivating and infuriating. If you’re like me and save countless pics of #bodygoals into your camera roll, you may want to see these equally inspiring, less posed pics by some of your favorite Instagram personalities. (Via Elle)

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