The 3 Test’s of the Flagrant 2

Photo Cred: ESPN Body Mag and Da Vinci from Back in the Day/ Flagrant 2

What Are The Three Tests of the Flagrant 2?

Every basketball pundit has their own way they critique, value and grade perspective prospects or NBA players, for us it is rather simple. We break down players by using three simple tests, and even though we believe in these three tests, players don’t have to pass all three to be considered a Flagrant 2 type of guy.

When we look at talent, we use these three tests: The Eye Test, The Unconditional Love Test and The Big Data Analytics Test.

We know that this might sound crazy, but if you value talent on these three tests than you will start to see basketball in a different light.

The Eye Test

The Eye Test is very comparable to the NFL’s obsession with a prospects 40 time. Arguably the easiest test to pass, all you need is some sort of freak measurable and every basketball fan will freely admit that they love measurables. Some might have the ability to jump through the roof, others could have ridiculous wingspan, and other measurables that make a player look better than they actually are.

The Eye Test can be broken down into sections; can the player do cool dunks, are they tall for their position, is their wingspan longer than their actual height. If a player can check off every section than they are guaranteed to be drafted, regardless of their actual production on the court. Often times, if a player passes the Eye Test than they are described as raw in skill, which can also be labeled as being somewhat “bad” at basketball but we just call it untapped potential.

Epitome of the Eye Test: Perry Jones III/ Anthony Randolph/ James White
Opposite of the Eye Test: Nick Collison

The Unconditional Love Test

Unconditional love can be defined as, “affection with no limits or conditions; complete love” and as an NBA fan, we can define it as “dick-riding” or “fanboying” but all that matters is the affection we have for these players. When a player passes the Unconditional Love Test, that means they MUST check off these two boxes; Are you willing to argue over this said player and not listen to reason? Do you find yourself still telling your NBA cohorts, “This is the year that Player A finally puts it together?

The Unconditional Love Test is a unique test, often times you will find very under performing players excelling in this test due to the nature of the boxes being checked off. In most cases, players don’t argue over Top-10 caliber talent. Instead, you will see guys like Ben Mclemore or Marcus Smart as the focal point for heated Twitter debates that lead nowhere. This award can also be referred to as the Kyrie Irving Love Affair Test as well.

Epitome of the Unconditional Love Test: Dion Waiters and Marcus Smart
Opposite of the Unconditional Love Test: Joe Alexander …no one loved this guy outside of Morgantown

The Big Data Analytics Test:

Ahhh the Big Data Analytics Test AKA the Advanced Stats Test aka The John Hollinger Best in Class Test aka How Everyone On Twitter Loves 2 Discuss Player Value, is the final test in how we evaluate talent. In reality, We don’t think anyone really truly knows the formulas behind some of these stats but when you are behind the internet ….. Everything is fair game. Kidding aside, diving into the advanced stats is actually one of the best ways to truly gauge a player’s value when attempting to rank players who will have similar Box Score stats. The deep dive into stats per 36 minutes or 100 possessions can be ridiculous at times, but when you do start to compare players on this level of insanity you can really start to pick out the guys who stand out.

When you take a guy through the ringer of the Big Data Analytics Test, two things happen: Either you find yourself cheering OR you find out that DeMar DeRozan is not the most efficient player. Often times, the Big Data Analytics Test can also create a rift when comparing it to the Unconditional Love Test score.. Take in point DeMar DeRozan again.

Epitome of the Big Data Analytics Test: Paul Millsap
Epitome of the Big Data Analytics Test: Kyrie Irving……

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