The Flagrant 2’s Top 50 Players for 2016–2017: 39–30

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Welcome to the second part of our Top 50 list for the 2016–2017 season, today we rank #’s 39–30.

Like we talked about earlier, we kept this simple and didn’t really dive into why we ranked the way we did. Instead we are waiting to explain our reasons for our podcasts. we are pure diabolical content creation machines …. driving site views by creating lists than talking about said lists via podcasts.

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C’mon Guys Please Don’t Get Injured Any More, It Just Makes The NBA Community Sad:

39. Eric Bledsoe
38. C.J. McCollum

Everyone is in agreement that injuries suck, and they suck even more when they take the meaningful games for young talent. For guys like Bledsoe and McCollum, we really hope their injury issues are well behind them. When looking at McCollum, last year was an absolute breakout year for the 4th year combo guard, he averaged 20 PPG while shooting above 40% from distance. While McCollum was finally healthy last year, we wish the same could be said for Bledsoe who only played in 31 games but in those 31 games, he was an absolute animal. If Bledsoe can stay healthy for a full season, he has the ability to be a top-25 player in this league. His blend of strength, speed and athleticism for someone his size is unique to him and maybe Westbrook, other than that, you don’t see many guys like him. McCollum was injury free last season, and Bledsoe is coming off an injury.

Savvy Veterans Part Deux:

37. Dirk Nowitzki
36. Dwyane Wade

Damn these crafty old veterans making these young guys look like fools, but this time at least we enjoy the guys who we ranked. Both Dirk and Wade led their teams to the postseason as the top player for their respective team, which is absurd to think about since both were supposed to be finish a few years ago. Much like Pau and Howard, these two guys were two of the best players over the last 10 years and it is crazy to think they are still performing like top-50 guys.

We Didn’t Rank These Guys Next To Each Other — Part 1: The Smallest PG and the Tallest PG Edition

35. Giannis Antetokounmpo
34. Isaiah Thomas

We swear we didn’t do this for the page views, or the easily crafted group title but instead we believe although both are vital to their team success, there are key issues that keep them from being ranked higher. Thomas is one of the most electric players in the league today, but the series against the Hawks shows just what happens when he matches up with the better PGs in the league and his height is taken advantage of. His scoring output and efficiency is great but the fact that Brad Stevens has to hide him on almost every defensive possession is why we rank him outside the Top-30. Where Thomas excels at scoring, Giannis is still extremely raw with the ball in his hands and is learning how to use his physical traits on that side of the ball but Giannis’ defense is looking like he can be a consistent threat for Defensive Player of the Year.

We Didn’t Rank These Guys Next To Each Other — Part 2: Who Is the More Eccentric Center Edition?

33. Hassan Whiteside
32. DeAndre Jordan

Like Giannis and IT before, we really didn’t rank these guys together on purpose but it does bring up a great question…. Which center is more eccentric? You have Whiteside notifying his fans via snapchat with Will Smith’s iconic “Miami” blasting in the background and you then have DeAndre spending the Olympics looking like a Jimmy Hendrix clone dancing on the beach. Both are absolutely ELECTRIC personalities who are two of the top rim protectors in this league, and are the anchors for their team’s defense. They might never be offensive maestros, but their defensive impact outweighs their inefficiencies on the other end.

Mike Conley Is A Combination of Alex Smith & The Kid From Blank Check

31. Mike Conley

We all remember the kid from Blank Check; he finds a check then writes it for a cool million dollars, and then absolutely lives life like a prince, which is what we assumed Conley felt like after signing that huge deal. It might be weird to think that Conley is the most expensive player in the league, and it is, but his ability to be the Alex Smith of the NBA is vital to his team’s success. He is a great game manager, and his numbers back it up with his 7:1 Assist/TO ratio per 36. Conley will never be mistaken for Kyrie Irving, but what Conley does for his team can not be written off. He is one of the best floor generals in the NBA, and can mold his game to play with anyone.

Move Over House Stark — KAT Is the New King of the North

30. Karl Anthony-Towns

We really don’t know if we placed KAT correctly, and this might make us even more excited for his sophomore season. We could be convinced that he is Top-20, and there wouldn’t be much debate. KAT’s rookie year was absolutely brilliant, he passed all three key Flagrant 2 tests during his rookie year; The Eye test, The Unconditional Love test and the Big Data Analytics test. Everything about his game is exciting; he has shown the ability to take his man off the dribble, lead the fast break, and the hit the open three while doing it with a world class smile. If you are not excited for the 2016–2017 KAT Tour then get off our site.

Check Back Tomorrow For Part Three: 29–20

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