Product Designers are Researchers

Brainstorming, Research, and more Brainstorming

It all starts with a brainstorming session. Word clustering, whiteboard idea tossing, little doodles and random words.

Getting the ideas out onto the board and letting them drive the session. The idea behind a brainstorming session is to get everything out into a visible state which you can then filter for major points that catch your eye. There is a lot of gut trusting and experimenting.

Brainstorming vs Brainstorming Session

Every time we think of an idea or let our minds wander aimlessly we’re thinking, but when we focus thoughts we start brainstorming. Typically when we brainstorm everything is done in our mind, however during a brainstorming session all of that is materialized into a 2D realm as we put our pens to paper, marker to whiteboard, chalk to chalkboard.

A brainstorming session can be broken down into two categories: User Driven and Technology Driven

Technology Driven

Technology Driven ideas focus on optimizing the technology at hand. Although these ideas may have some usable functionality that is not the main focus. Think of the phone commercials which tell you about the 1 million new features added to make the phone 100x better and the battery 100x worst.

The features are cool and really show off what they phone can do, but in practical use it’s all in vain.

User Driven

User Driven ideas focus on optimizing usability. These ideas focus solely on usability. Optimizing the technology may come into play, but usability will not be sacrificed to integrate the technology.

This may not be the coolest idea on the board, but it’s practical


Studying and learning more about your user. Conducting interviews and asking questions which lowkey(subtly) pry into their minds to discover the thing they need the most.

A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them ~Steve Jobs

Product Designers are a multitude of things.

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