Introducing “the fleeting moments”

Let us heal, grow, and learn from the fleeting memories of life

A stream runs from the mountain top onto the river below. It doesn’t stop. Neither does time.

No matter how many times in the past I have wanted nothing more than for the clock to stop ticking, I know it shall continue.

Time is a tortuous concept. On the one hand, it means nothing lasts forever. It means the bliss we’re experiencing today could end at any moment tomorrow. Yet on the other hand, it means that the sadness, the pain, the moments where we feel like we’ve lost everything are fleeting too. Time makes life beautiful by rendering ephemeral every little moment of our lives.

I believe every memory we acquire is thus beautiful because of time and therefore worth preserving.

Additionally, I believe every memory we make in the end builds us into a stronger self. Every new love, every new heartbreak, every piece of joy, every lonely night in the end add layers to our lives.

Words have a special power. It is through words that we could express the things that for one reason or another we couldn’t say out loud. It is on paper that we could strip our soul bare.

Life is tough, but words have a healing power.

Writing connects people. It connects people through experiences. It helps us understand that we all go through the same things in life.

I hope through words, we could preserve the fleeting moments, no matter how good or how bad, so that when we look back, we could see the journey that led us to where we landed.

This will be a collection of stories on love, loss, joy, heartbreak, success, failure, courage, fear, and most importantly, the lessons learned through these fleeting moments of life.

“Here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break
Here’s to the mess we make” — La La Land

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