What’s the opportunity for podcasts in Ghana and Nigeria?

Ideas for moving the medium forward with new formats and new distribution methods.

Emmanuel Quartey
Jul 23, 2017 · 12 min read

Podcast listening trends in the U.S.

Observations about Ghanaian podcast and online radio listening habits

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Opportunities for podcasts in Ghana and Nigeria

A simple of the podcasts I listen to.

1. Explore new podcast formats

The Documentary

Lagos’ electricity grid is famously dysfunctional, but have you ever wondered how it got so bad, and why it’s so hard to fix? Join your intrepid host as we interview a colourful cast of characters —politicians, engineers, and generator sales-people — as we get to the bottom of this mystery!

In 2006, a renowned economist revealed that Ghana was the world’s second largest importer tinned tomatoes. Why does a country with so much arable land rely so heavily on imports to feed itself? To answer this question, we’ll follow a tomato seed from planting, to harvest, to the market, and all the way to the cooking pot. Along the way, we’ll learn more than we could ever imagine about agriculture in Ghana.

On January 7, 2001 Ghana witnessed the first peaceful and democratic change of government since independence. This 7-part podcast documentary chronicles the final 7 days of that fateful election — 1 episode for each day.

The Audio Drama

2. Create local language podcasts for the diaspora

3. Create local language podcasts for local audiences

Photos of IrokoTV roadside kiosk from Techpoint.ng
Map of IrokoTV kiosk locations from Iroko CEO Jason Njoku

4. Create a podcast network


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