Letter from the Editor

Welcome to The Flo.

As an advertising student at the University of Florida, I have learned that a successful agency is one with the power to evoke change — the ability not to persuade a customer to buy something, but rather to do something.

This publication is our agency. It’s how college students can make a positive impact on campus. The purpose of The Flo is to create a community of writers who wish to be taken seriously and who want to be opinion leaders at their universities and in their respective communities.

The idea of going with the flow means to not push against social norms, self-defining your influence as meaningless. On the contrary, we define The Flo as the new norm, by changing the direction of what is considered “popular” and “cool.”

The Flo was started for the average student. I didn’t want to be average. I realized I wasn’t happy in college, and it had nothing to do with the university I attend, but rather how I perceived myself in the college setting. Ultimately, I learned that our perception of reality changes our experience of that reality. And I was perceiving reality in an unhealthy way.

Mental health isn’t something that’s spoken about often, but it’s so necessary to discuss. Most college students aren’t given the tools or the resources they need to be able to deal with mental health issues, and statistically many illnesses arise when we’re in college. This publication will discuss “sensitive subjects” through a network where students can respectfully disagree with each others opinions.

I hope that one day, 20-somethings everywhere will be able to use The Flo as a platform to connect with other people who are going through similar situations. If you would like to become a writer for this publication please e-mail a writing sample and a short bio to ilanasperling18@gmail.com.

Let’s make a change, because we can.

Write On,

Ilana Sperling

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