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Letter sent on Aug 30, 2016

The Fluxus Weekly Digest: August 18–31

The hiatus

Dear reader,

as I mentioned before, I might have missed one letter during this holiday hiatus and that’s what happened. This comes two weeks after the previous one but for a good (bad) reason: for the first time I skipped one day and decided not to publish any cartoon on wednesday 25th. As you probably know, a terrible earthquake hit central Italy on the night of August 24th. Sometimes it’s better to stay silent, respectfully honoring the many deaths that occured that ugly night.

The cover is the colored version of the cartoon I did on the day after: for the first time it is about a feeling more than a situation.

The cartoons

Many cartoons this time! D0n’t forget that you have a lot of options to follow us: on twitter, on Facebook and on YouTube.

The Fluxus on YouTube

Do you know that we’ve got a channel on YouTube? That’s where you’ll find some of the making-of of my cartoons. Don’t forget to subscribe!

I’d love to hear from you

Coming up with a new idea every day ain’t easy, that’s why I’m asking you to share something you find funny and that you’d like to see drawn: I can make it for you! Write to info@the-fluxus.com and who knows, maybe you’ll find your idea on paper someday.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful week!

Martino Pietropoli

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