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Letter sent on Dec 15, 2016

The Fluxus Weekly Digest: December 8–15


Dear you and your ego too,

This week I’ve been wondering how much we depend on our own ego. Are we doing all we do just to satisfy it?

Two reasons lead me to explore this issue:

  1. an article I wrote on my decision to give away for free my photos in which I wrote I was doing that ironically just to satisfy my ego
  2. Ever wondered why rich people aren’t on social networks? I mean, Elon Musk apart. Or at least, why are they so inactive? I think it’s because wealth is a good measure of self satisfaction, therefore they don’t need to feed their egos elsewhere. Social networks, likes, personal stuff, all these tricks and mechanisms are all meant to inflate or deflate our egos.

Anyway, it’s quite sure that usually our ego is much bigger and demanding than we are. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. Sometimes I just would like to shut it down.

Advent Calendar in progress

As you probably already know, throughout the whole month my cartoons will be (and already are) a very peculiar Advent Calendar. I wrote a list of 25 items back at the end of november and I’m trying to built a story around it. Well, actually I was trying, but they became something like stand-alone cartoons. 
I prefer to call them illustrations, by the way. They’ll be 25 and they’ll be a beautiful advent calendar in the end, even if not a single advent calendar was involved in this thing, nor harmed.


Do you know that we have the Telegram stickers too? If you want to use them you can download the set here or you can just click on the image below. Remember: they work only with Telegram!

Bye ego!

Martino Pietropoli