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Letter sent on Oct 12, 2016

Illustration for Painting Rose, inspired by Francesco Tacconi’s Storia di Rose

The Fluxus Weekly Digest: October 6–12

Small Data

Dear friend,

do you know that the digitalization of a single human being would take something like 2000 Titanics filled with hard drives? I didn’t know that until I listened to a TED Talk by the italian scientist Riccardo Sabatini. Talking about big data, I understood this: they don’t mean anything until you decide how to read them. That’s when a bunch of data becomes an information. When they’re scattered incoherently they don’t mean a thing but when you find a way to use them, that’s when the magic happens.

I also discovered the work of the italian architect giorgia lupi (now based in New York). She has a different approach to big data: her interpretation uses drawings and sketches to create their narration. Sort of.

Big data are actually something I’m paying attention to, even if I don’t know/understand much about. 
What do they have in common with comics/drawings/cartoons and so on? I think that they both share the same property: to translate complex things/feelings/emotions into simple objects. A sketch could tell properly a complex concept, such as big data visualization does. 
And now, let’s go straight to the cartoons!

Do you know that we’ve got a channel on YouTube? That’s where you’ll find some of the making-of of my cartoons. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Hope you’ll have a wonderful week. Keep in touch and keep on crunching data, small or big.


Martino Pietropoli

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