Join us on the 1st of April for the UREEQA & FOMO Chronicles AMA

We are super excited to announce our partnership with UREEQA.

Who are they?

UREEQA is a revolutionary platform that is powered by blockchain technology to help creators protect, manage and monetize their creative work.

UREEQA’s unique technology and validation process verifies ownership, authorship & originality of source creative work, and is the exclusive worldwide provider of Responsibly Minted™ NFTs. Their patent-pending technology is fast, reliable, and gives creators security and peace of mind.

With the mainstream adoption of NFTs, we at FOMO Chronicles believe it’s important to protect the work of creators.

Check out:

TG official-

📢 - Announcement Channel (

🖥 -UREEQA Website (

💰- Buy $URQA on Bittrex Global (

🔵 ( — Twitter (

🎧 -Discord (


You also have a cool UREEQA-FOMO Chronicles manga to look forward to with some cool prizes up for grabs.


- Song NFT for use in FOMO BEATZ P2E Game

- $2250 USD to be Airdropped to manga holders

30 winners get $25 BUSD

20 winners get $50 BUSD

5 winners get $100 BUSD

- 25% of manga purchasers will receive a specific character card for the FOMO BEATZ P2E Game

- 20% Profit Sharing for Shogun (Tier 1) & Samurai (Tier 2) when you purchase this edition!

- 10% Passive Income for Shogun (Tier 1)

UREEQA NFT Manga Utility

- Every manga purchaser will be airdropped a Dave East NFT.

- 40,000 URQA Tokens to be Airdropped to manga holders

10 random winners get 1000

30 random winners get 500

60 random winners get 250

Join us on the official FOMO Chronicles Telegram Channel on the 1st of April at 11:00 am EST.

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A Crypto blockchain based animated manga series. Fun, Immersive and Financially Incentivised.

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