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Abraham and Dybala unleashed inside six minutes as Roma into Top three #1675

A.S Roma 2 Empoli 0FT

Roma coming off a really brutal week as they try to put things to rest. Losing late against Napoli last weekend and in mid-week against Cremonose bounced from the cup at home in what was the easiest route they're ever going to get to the final. It was glittered and disappointment. However, on Saturday evening they would try to put all that behind them. As they played host to Empoli at the studio Olimpico. In their first meeting it was a narrow 2-1 victory! Thanks to Paolo Dybala and Tammy Abraham as Roma just edged it. Roma was looking to make it four wins in a row against them since their return to the top flight. They are tough team though having beaten Inter Milan. They are not an easy out. However, an opportunity exists for Roma to jump into the top four on Saturday evening. Roma and Empoli Clash in Rome.

The sounds of Rome reverberate through the Stadio Olimpico as it began. Testing themselves in Rome against one of the best up-and-coming sides in Italian football Paolo Zanetti's Empoli. Roma was aggressive from the very start driving the ball into the attacking spaces forcing a very early corner. Set pieces have been Roma's area of expertise and Italian football this season. In fact, they are one of the best teams off a corner kick in Europe this season. In the second minute Roma makes a flamboyant start. Paulo Dybala hovering by the corner flag puts in a immaculate delivery into the box hanging it up there for Roger Ibanez. The Brazilian center back picks it out of the air, hitting the header with power as it bounces off the ground before beating Vicaro as Roma take a 1-0 lead inside of 2 minutes.

After everything that has happened with Roma over the last week, they put together a dream start taking the lead almost as soon as the game began scoring on their first chance of the game. This only revved up Roma even further. With the lead. Now they're playing with much more confidence within the team as they continued to have the aggressive approach. Not long after in the 6th minute. Roma drove the ball into the box again. Roger Ibanez taking a swipe at goal while seeing his shot deflected as it goes out for another corner. Paulo Dybala stepping by the corner flag yet again ready to deliver it into the box. Another superb delivery this time curling at the near post Tammy Abraham with bodies around him but the Englishman raises up with a defender to the left and the right of him and powers through with a header into the right corner and believe it or not. Roma bank another corner goal as Roma take a 20 lead inside of 10 minutes. It would be the 7th goal of the season for Tammy Abraham. The Tammy Abraham that we saw last season seemingly has returned. Three goals and two assists. Since the restart the Englishman is back in business. There still is a world where he can get to 15 to 18 goals this season. Considering how he started, if he was able to get that number, he almost certainly would be rewarded with a new contract. It's so great to see Tammy Abraham scoring once again. With the goal it is his first goal at home since March of last season against Lazio. The faithful of Roma finally getting a chance to sing his name again. To add that Dybala already at two assists on the night. Be coming the fastest player two reach to assists in a game since 2004–2005. Empoli remain a side with a lot of potential as they are becoming a rising team in Italian football. However, very early on being completely outclassed by the Romans. In the 9th minute, Cristante delivers a through-ball into Paolo Dybala. The Argentine playmaker strikes from the side of the box trying to curl into the corner but can't quite get there. Empoli slowly started getting into the rhythm of the game. However, once things had calmed down they weren't escalating as much. They found a little bit of confidence within them trying to find ways to infiltrate a very strong Roma defense. While getting something from the game was probably already a lost cause. The visitors certainly wanting to keep their dignity while not humiliating themselves against Roma. That is desperate first statement. In the 22nd minute Dybala being the instigator once again sends a beautiful cross into the box trying to find Chris Smalling. He gets his head on the end of the cross but it is blocked in front of the Empoli goal. 2 minutes later Roma was in there again. As they continue to try to look for that third goal in dominating fashion. Dybala looking for Tammy Abraham on the connection again in the 24th minute as his cross from the wing comes into The 6'3 Englishman. However Vicaro still manages to collect. Roma absolutely flying in the opening half as they played as if their hair was on fire. Not long after Roma facilitated another opportunity for themselves off a set piece. Lorenzo Pellegrini standing over a free kick delivers a dime piece into the box finding Tammy Abraham. Very close call as Tammy Abraham connects on the header but hooks a little to the right. Roma were absolutely playing at their peak level. However, as the first half was coming to a close Empoli was fed up and started to unleash a bit near the end of the first half. In the 37th minute Baldanzi puts for a brilliant through ball to Francesco Caputo from close range, but a stingy Roma defense forces the deflection. A couple minutes later. In the 42nd mintue Razvan Marin standing over a free kick just outside the area! Blasts it near the Roma goal a little bit. Too much power on it though. In the 45th minute Ebuehi misfires on another set piece. Only for Akpo to miss the mark for distance and Satriano being denied by Rui Patricio from deep. This would signify the end of the first half with Roma firmly in control with their two headers off corners.

It could not have been a better start for Roma. Considering their previous two games and what they've had to deal with from a disappointment standpoint, this is exactly what they needed to see to start this match. Two goals in the opening 10 minutes both off corners with Tammy Abraham and Roger Ibanez holding the difference. Even though they score a lot of goals off corners, this type of start was necessary. Adding more fuel to the fire Empoli are a very strong side currently in the top 10. They aren't some schmucks. There is more validity of this performance then perhaps if they were doing this against a team closer to the bottom. The visitors weren't playing all that poorly. They had their moments looked dangerous at times. Just couldn't contend with the set pieces. In the 47th minute. Roma for right after it again. A trio of chances from Roma that on another day they could have scored. As they found themselves on the wrong side of the save of the season. In the 47th minute Dybala hit a El Shaarawy headed past from inside the box. Trying to curl it once again Vicaro making the critical safe. Mancini then hits from close again Vicaro there! Into the space of Tammy Abraham following through on the header. Straight down the middle somehow someway. He raises his foot at the right moment to deny him. I'm not sure we will see a better save all season. It very nearly could have been a second for Tammy Abraham and a third for Roma. There has been conversations about Roma acquiring him to be the heir to Rui Patricio. Making a critical save like that. Just further justifying Roma's interest in the Empoli goalkeeper as their long-term solution. Utterly blown away by the save made. Roma was more or less in cruise control at this point. They had the two goal lead. They were handling themselves defensively. They were continuing to create from the midfield and looked dangerous in attack. Another thing that's not mentioned enough is the absolute work rate of Zalewski who made his 50th appearance for the club. I've been talking about this guy for several weeks. As people know, I rate him extremely highly. He is slowly becoming one of the best in the world at this position. By next season he will be the best full back in the league. He has contributed so much into the attack in this game and he was especially spectacular against Empoli. Empoli still put themselves in the right positions and created chances. In the 53rd minute Baldanzi was denied from Rui. Patricia, after hitting it from distance. Roma continued to ride it out. In the 67th minute. Roberto Piccoli attempt from distance not threatening anyone missing high and wide. Roma would make their first change of the evening as bove replaces Dybala after dropping a dime piece with two assists on the night. Bove makes an immediate impact in the 75th minute. Tammy Abraham felices in the ball and the box takes one dribble before trying to find the bottom corner. A good touch and connection on the finish but but fire is it a little left of the near post. In the late stages of the match Zeki Celik enter the frame along with Belotti and New signing Diego Lorente. In stoppage time. Lorenzo Pellegrini takes the ball around Empoli into the box but eventually his strike on goal is deflected. Roma ran out the final couple of minutes as the final whistle goes. Roma with two goals and the opening 10 minutes to secure the points in Rome as their able to put the Copa Italia disappointment behind them as they jump into third at least for the moment.

This last week has been a very difficult one for Roma. They put together a terrific performance against Napoli. Almost survived with a point in Naples only to see the worst player on the pitch. Score the winning goal for Napoli. Then Jose decides to put an experimental squad against Cremonose in the quarter finals of the Copa Italia. As they ruin the easiest route to the final that Roma's ever going to get. There was a lot of pessimism and negativity surrounding the club. This put a lot of pressure on Roma at home to get a result against Empoli. Paolo Zanetti's squad may not be fighting for Europe. However, they have been one of the up and coming sides in Italy this season. They did reasonably well last campaign as well. This was going to be a tough matchup. They had beaten Inter Milan and got an appoint against Lazio recently. This wasn't some throwaway team from the bottom of the table. However, as much of a challenge as it could have been Roma understood they needed a performance. Not only a result, but they needed to play well and show their qualities. Roma did exactly that. Scoring twice in the opening 10 minutes. Off two corners and two headers. This may not have been how they planned this. However, it was a very ambitious and aggressive start from Roma at home in front of the same fans that they left heartbroken just a few days earlier. Dybala with two assists in 4 minutes. Tammy Abraham on the score sheet again as he has been a different type of player since the restart. I still back him to get at minimum 15 goals this season. He is now at 7. He scores his first goal at home since March. Continues his brilliant form. Roger Ibanez scores the other off another corner as he has three corner goals this season already. Not to mention Dybala pulls off the fastest two assists since 2004. In addition to this, they even could have had a third at the very beginning of the second half if it wasn't for arguably the save of the season coming from the best goalkeeper this campaign thus far. Vicaro for Empoli has been absolutely spectacular and certainly soften the blow that it could have been. He is highly expected to be targeted by Roma and his performance individually. He shows exactly why Roma will be after him again. Another solid defensive display from Roma. They were once again very productive in the midfield and overall they put forth a fantastic performance. Roma have found some new life in this second half of the season so far and currently sit in the top three at least for the moment. Zalewski Just continues and continues to progress at Roma making his 50th appearance for the club. As I said before, he is on track to become the best fullback in the league by next season. He is one of the best in the world at this position and edges 21 years old. He has the world at his feet. They went up against a tough side and came out of it with a dominating performance. The visitors did not play poorly but they could not contend with a Roma that had a point to prove. It is a job well done all around for Roma that find themselves in the thick of a Champions League race. They needed to come out of here firing and that's exactly what they did. This is exactly the type of performance that was going to be required. After what happened last week they needed this and they delivered on everything. A very complete performance which would only restore their confidence within the team as momentum certainly is going to carry them into next weekend. They go to Lecce Next Saturday looking to keep it going. Before a big clash in the Europa League in Austria against Salzburg. The Dybala and Abraham connection is in full force yet again as Roma glide to the points and into the top three following a wonderful display at the studio olympico as it is all smiles from the romanista



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