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Bayern pull away late in battle with Freiburg but will it stand?#1430

Bayern 4 Freiburg 1

The Bundesliga returned after the International break as the season dwindles. On Saturday afternoon, we witnessed a battle regarding the top of the table. Bayern Munich travels to Fridburg looking for the stamp of approval as they close in on yet another Bundesliga title. Bayern Munich has wrapped up the title; the distance is too far, and it’s only a matter of time before they get confirmation. However, on the other side of things, Friedberg continues to chase Champions League Dreams as they have been one of the more compelling teams of this Bundesliga campaign. Germany’s overachievers are in a dogfight with hoffenheim and RB Leipzig for that final Champions League spot. A test against Bayern Munich at home in front of their home fans is going to be vitally important to this closing stretch of the season. It was expected to be a thrilling match between champions league hopefuls Friedberg and soon-to-be Champions Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, and Dortmund played Saturday night, affecting as we approach The Summit.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at Euro Park Station on Saturday afternoon, with 34,700 in attendance in what was expected to be a very crucial fixture for the Champions League race. Bayern Munich had most of the ball, moving forward quite swiftly. Friedberg had a very strategic mentality as far as the way they performed. They didn’t go hyper-aggressive, but they didn’t sit back either they had a very calculated approach. To overpower Bayern Munich, they would have to be careful while still having the intent of looking for points. In the 8th minute, recently returned Leon Goretzka struck from outside the area saved by mark Flekken snatching the ball hi before collecting it. Some defending follows the opening chance for the visitors. Joshua kimmich attempting a strike from Deep was blocked by the defense just a few minutes after Robert Lewandowski had the same fate as the center-back pairing calculated their movements very well, getting in the way yet again. Bayern Munich won themselves a corner in the 13th minute Joshua kimmich sent in the delivery as Nianzou made contact but fired high to alleviate the situation. 2 minutes later, Bayern got themselves forward again in the 15th minute, the ever so dangerous Leroy sane ripped a vicious strike after collecting a pass from Thomas Muller mark Flekken was able to grab the decisive strike. A well-taken finish from Leroy Sane, as he has regularly scored from those types of distances. Friedberg needed to find a bit more creativity in their approach. They need it to protect themselves and contribute to the other side. They needed to make sure they were in shape to deal with the Bayern Munich Talent carousel. Nearly half-hour mark Friedberg found a dangerous attacking moment Maximilian Eggestein released the ball towards Nicholas Hofler, following through from Deep, only for his attempted strike to be blocked by the Bayern Munich defense. However, the chance ignited something within Friedberg; the fans already on their side gave them just the amount of confidence needed. In the 31st minute, the underrated Vincenzo Grifo put Ronald Sallai through on goal the Hungarian International blasted a strike from close range. Arguably the best chance of the game thus far. The first half started to wind down with only a few chances before the break. Upamecano added another deep strike from Bayern Munich, which was blocked by the Friedberg defense again. Both teams had a late chance in the closing minutes of the first half. In the 44th minute, Christian Gunter sent in a cross as Nico Schlotterbeck got his head on the end of it before hooking to the left. Then in the 45th minute, Kingsley Coman struck from outside the box, but Mark Flekken made to save as time expired in the first half.

Nicolas Höfler and Joshua Kimmich battle for possession in goalless first half

Friedberg keeps Robert Lewandowski quiet but still has a lot to be concerned with 45 minutes could prove critically important. It was a relatively slow start to the second half, with both teams looking for that edge. Moving the ball into their respective attacking areas, it was unclear who would extinguish the first punch. Bayern Munich has the talent, but the defense quality in their own house was impressive. The physical play rised in the early part of the second half. Many free-kicks and set pieces neither wanted to give away an inch; you could feel the intensity cutting the tension with a knife. While Friedberg had more to gain from it, Bayern wished to enter the Champions League quarter-finals in the best mood. In the 58th minute, Joshua kimmich stood right behind the ball from outside the box on a free kick in a dangerous area. Kimmich connected with an exquisite touch into space to find Leon Goretzka getting his head on its end before converting past Mark Flekken to give Bayern Munich a 1–0 lead. Friedberg made a slight mistake in marking the free-kick allowing enough space for Leon goretzka to get in a dangerous position as the perfect delivery from Joshua kimmich was not going to go to waste as they took the lead.

Leon Goretzka's header puts Bayern in front as he returns from injury.

Although Friedburg conceded they handled the Bayern quite well, Robert Lewandowski was being silenced by one of the best defenses installations in the league; they were very influential throughout; they just needed to find enough to get themselves back on terms. They have the productivity in the Midfield and the attack to get themselves back. In the 61st minute, Maximilian Eggestein fired a strike from outside the box after being set up by Lucas holer; however, the strike from Deep took a deflection, unable to register the shot on goal as Manuel Neuer didn’t even have to react following the deflection. It looked to be a game over shortly after when Thomas Muller put through Kingsley Coman, who had to strike from a complicated angle before the goalkeeper made the save. Changes were made Tolisso replaced Leon goretzka, Jamal musiala replaced Robert Lewandowski for Bayern, and Nils Peterson replaced Ronald Sallai. Friedberg wasted no time in the 63rd minute; Peterson made an immediate impact as Christian Gunter threads a pass to Peterson Inside the Box before rifling the strike into the back of the net as Friedberg got their equalizer. It is becoming a battle between two teams that have matched each other’s energy.

Nils Peterson from off the bench to the back of the net in a minute as Freiburg given life

Four minutes later, in the 67th minute, Bayern Munich attempted to retake the advantage coming off a corner sent in by Joshua kimmich. The head of Thomas Muller gets on the end of it but cannot direct it for Bayern Munich shortly after Friedberg brought on Hugo Siquet to replace Jonathan Schmid. A few minutes later, in the 72nd, Lucas Holer collects a pass from Peterson, hoping to give them the go-ahead goal, but instead, it’s a strike from point-blank range high and wide. Bayern Munich would then go to the bench as a Serge gnabry would come on to replace Benjamin Pavard. An Exquisite substitution from Julian nagelsmann because in the 73rd minute, he would make an immediate impact giving Bayern Munich exactly what was needed. Serge gnabry fired an accurately placed strike from inside the box into the bottom corner to give Bayern Munich a 2–1 lead. A case of Talent overpowering the situation to put the league leaders in front. It only drove their momentum further in the 78th minute, Kingsley Coman misfires from outside the box, Jamal musiala does the same, in the 80th minute, Leroy sane then is saved from the side of the box, 80th minute, Vincenzo Grifo Vines Lucas holer saved from Manuel Neuer and then to finish off 5 minutes of Nonstop Action Kingsley Coman Stings from outside the box into the bottom corner as Bayern Munich extend taking a 3–1 lead.

Serge gnabry from the bench to on the scoresheet as Bayern pulled away late on.

Friedberg would make three more changes trying to change the fortunes as of late. There was a slight controversy before Bayern did the same in the 85th. Bayern Munich intended to bring on Marcel sanitizer for Kingsley Coman and one other change. However, there was a miscommunication with the change being made for Kingsley Coman. The French International didn’t leave the game after the substitution was made due to the fact that the number on the substitution board was incorrect; therefore, Kingsley Coman did not know he was instructed to leave. For about 10 seconds, Bayern Munich proceeded with 12 men before it was changed after the referee evaluated the situation. During the 10 stretches, Kingsley Coman did not touch the ball. There was an incredible controversy between Bayern Munich and Friedberg; the conclusion of what will happen is unclear, but it sucked up over 5 minutes. It took us to stoppage time as 6 minutes were added given the 5 minutes lost after the substitution confusion. Freiburg was already demoralized from the way Bayern Munich was pulling away and then dealing with the substitution confusion. In the sixth minute of stoppage time, an initial strike from Serge gnabry is saved before Marcel Sabitzer finds the back of the net, scoring Bayern Munich a fourth and what should give him some much-needed confidence. The final whistle reaches full time with Bayern Munich as 4–1 winners; even though the match that we saw doesn’t reflect the scoreline at the end, the controversy will be answered on another night, but as things stand, Bayern Munich takes a big step forward to securing another League title for the Bundesliga Giants.

Marcel Sabitzer finally getting some confidence back in 4–1 Bayern win as he scores late.

Bayern Munich went into Friedberg and the left Victorious; however, the scoreline is somewhat inflated to the match we saw throughout the 90 minutes on Saturday afternoon. Bayern Munich has had a decade of Terror over German Football, and they continue to do so. However, the winning mentality and dominance of Bayern Munich are more down to not being able to go up against a worthy challenger. Bayern Munich is not immortal; they have also gotten punched in the mouth against teams much lower down the table. As I preach about quite often, the mentality of teams going against Bayern Munich is to catch them off guard and punch them in the mouth if they have the means. A lot of the time it is a full press putting Bayern Munich Under Pressure while risking conceding goals. In many of their defeats from that region, the table has been down to that very strategic game plan. It isn’t very reasonable to sit back and avoid conceiving, especially when Bayern Munich comes into your building. However, what Friedberg did wasn’t the aggressive approach or the passive one. Friedberg may not have created many chances early in this game, but they went about things strategically, handling the game with caution, not risking too much but not being too defensive either. The luxury of this team is they have two of the best center backs in the league this season, and they defend exceptionally well. The mentality was a full Bayern Munich wasn’t going to humiliate them, at least for a good portion of the game. Eventually, Friedberg made a slight error on a free-kick, and Leon goretzka could take advantage of it; however, even after they had conceded they were never out of the game, they got themselves into those areas where they could get Bayern Munich out of the Rhythm. A spectacular performance, all things considered going against the best team in the league. Bayern Munich’s talent Advantage kicked; in the end, they were able to get a bunch of late goals, but the final scoreline does not tell the whole story. Freiburg performed admirably, and even though their Champions League chase is damaged, it was an advertisement for how you play against Bayern when they visit you. Sometimes they’re just going to find a way to get you because of your overpowering talent in this squad. They silenced Robert Lewandowski throughout the game; that is a hard thing to do to keep the best player in the world in Check. However, the defeat may not be one after all. A substitution error could lead to a point deduction and a defeat in the match against Friedberg. In all transparency, I don’t think they should be deducted any points; however, it depends on the ruling from the German Federation. For about 10 seconds, Bayern Munich had 12 men nothing happened this time, and Coman didn’t touch the ball when they had a man advantage. It’s unclear what will happen with the ruling considering the circumstances; it is much different than when Wolfsburg did it and when Roma did it; bringing on an extra player without realizing it is much more punishable than perhaps a malfunction with the substitution monitor. We will see what happens with this situation, but it did not take away from the Beauty and excitement of this thrilling match; it highlighted what makes Bayern Munich so unique while also seeing a Freiburg team having themselves despite the ultimate result. But will it stand?



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