Empoli strike down Roma at the death to stay up #2158

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7 min readMay 27, 2024


Empoli 2 A.S Roma 1FT

Serie A comes to end Sunday evening after a long season. Outside of Fiorentina and Atalanta That still have a game in hand at the end of the season being played on June 2nd. The final match day of a long season. Roma does not have much to play for. They will finish in sixth place for the third consecutive season. There is a possibility that they could be jumped by Lazio on the last day however In all likelihood they will end their season exactly where they sit now. However, the home side Empoli cannot operate with such mentality. They are in a relegation battle Davie Nicola has saved four other teams from Relegation he is looking to make it a fifth. A victory could propel them to safety. However, unfortunately they will have to beat Roma to be able to survive. Anything less than maximum points wouldn’t be enough to maintain their status. In the previous fixture, it was a 7–0 victory for Roma The biggest route Of the entire season. However, since Nicola has come in, things have changed drastically. They now have a puncher’s Chance to stay in the league. Roma have more or less. Nothing to play for while Empoli have almost everything to lose.

De Rossi puts on an unusual lineup But somewhat understandable considering Roma don’t have very much to play for. Empoli was going to do everything in their power to get a result considering what is at stake for them. Meanwhile for Roma, there isn’t much on the line. Creating this interesting dynamic. Things got off and running in the 9th minute. Nicola Zalewski on the counterattack puts through Dybala In the box the Argentine strikes from close range before heading wide. Empoli fired back in the 13th minute as Emmanuel Gyasi as they push forward, he sends a pass for Matteo Cancellieri as he drilled a strike into the bottom corner to take a 1-0 lead. The fight for survival is on for Empoli after striking first against Roma. Roma now looking to fight their way back into it. In the 17th minute Dybala fires a strike from deep but puts too much on it. In the 19th minute Cristante ends up sending it into the back of the net but it is unfortunately disallowed because of an offside decision. In the 23rd minute Razvan Marin sends a through ball for Mattia Destro If you take a strike from close but is denied by Mile Svillar. Empoli continues to push for another one. In the 30th minute Matteo Cancellieri strikes from a difficult angle as Mile Svillar comes up with the save. From an attacking standpoint, Roma was not doing very much. However, in the 45th minute Roma does break even. After two failed chances from Tammy Abraham and Zalewski. Houssom Aouar gets his head on the end of a cross into the box coming off a corner to find the back of the net as they equalize in the final seconds of the first half.

Roma haven’t played particularly well. Nevertheless, they do end up with that goal to make the next 45 minutes that much more interesting. Empoli still fighting for their lives. Frosinone two points ahead they need a win. In the 52nd minute Liberato Cacace from right in front of goal takes a strike Mile Svillar happens to get it again to make the save. 4 minutes later Niang comes close But close range drags over the corner. A couple minutes later Roma was nearly there! In the 56th minute Nicola Zalewski goes for it but his effort hits off the post as the home side possibly have just been bailed out by the woodwork. In the 59th minute Matteo Cancellieri Is denied by Mile Svillar after striking on the left side of the box. As we got later into the clash time was running out of Empoli In the 68th minute Angelina Is denied after striking it from distance. A minute later Marin strikes from distance as he hits the bar! In 75th minute Matteo Cancellieri from close range is stopped again by Mile Svillar. It seemed as if it wasn’t going to happen. The back and forth continued to occur between the two sides, however, in the 93rd minute A magical moment arrived. On the break Matteo Cancellieri finds Niang as in the back of the net with only minutes left in the season if that. Empoli rally late to beat Roma. The goal was required and needed as the late strike confirms a safety as Davie Nicola and the back of Niang’s strike ensures safety for Empoli as Roma fall in their last match of the season.

Empoli starve off relegation in the final seconds of the season and what was a truly dramatic showing from the home side. They went into the match without an idea of whether or not they would be a part of the league next season. All they needed to do was win. However, they had to do it against a Roma side that has shown its capabilities this season. Roma didn’t have much to play for De Rossi didn’t feel the need to put forth his strongest team as there was nothing left on the table with all their ambitions having slid through. Empoli find a way to make it through and survive the season in the most dramatic way. Davie Nicola Since 2017 has kept up five different Serie A sides. He has battled against relegation and is the safest hire for a team on the verge of the drop. In 2017 the Great escape in football history with Crotone spend 36 of the 38 match days. In last place. They caught fire at the end of the season. Picked up some big results including beating Lazio in the final day to stay up. It is the most points. A team at the bottom has recovered in the smallest amount of time. In 2020 he narrowly kept up. Genoa, in 2021 before Ivan Juric arrived, He kept Torino from relegation. They’ve obviously been a very different team since, but they were in big trouble before that. In 2022 Salernitana was kept up by the skin of their teeth. Starting with a draw against Roma in Rome. This launched an incredible 12-game unbeaten run. They get crushed last game of the season but do enough to survive the second greatest escape in history. Now he has done it with Empoli. They lost their best player Tommaso Baldanzi ironically to Roma. Then they go and beat them in the final seconds of the season. Truly spectacular. For a Roma point of view, everything remains the Same. They were not affected greatly by the loss. They will finish the season ahead of Lazio for the first time in 6 years. Although that’s not a cause of celebration, changing the guard in Rome is necessary considering how far they’ve fallen from finishing ahead of them so regularly. However, they finished in sixth place for the third consecutive season. They have finished with 63 points for the third consecutive season. There’s plenty of questions that are yet to be answered. There’s a new Sporting director. They will get to work soon this summer in what could be a lot of changes in the coming months. There’s also a sense of uncertainty. Dybala and Roma have reached a standstill in a contract negotiation. He has a relatively cheap release clause for clubs outside of Italy. It’s not a certain thing that he will be back next season. Roma will suffer. If that happens. They must do everything they can to keep him around but for dybala It’s not clear where his future does lie. He has been absolutely sensational this season. There’s no doubt about that. However, Roma have failed to make the Champions League again. Dybala is one of the best playmakers in Europe. If he is to remain at Roma, it will be his third season in a row playing in the Europa League. Understandably, Dybala will have to evaluate his options. Lukaku will not be back next season more than likely. Chelsea’s asking price may be a bit steep. Napoli with Antonio Conte now arriving are reportedly very interested. Roma have identified Lille’s Jonathan David, however, once again it is probably at least 35 million to buy him. I suspect there’ll be more departures and a lot of big changes coming De Rossi is signing a new deal until 2027. There are a few players within this team that Will absolutely be back next season. However, everyone else, it’s hard to say what this team will look like next season. The slow start may have affected where Roma finished as well as taking two points in total against bologna, Napoli, Juventus and Atalanta That poor stretch could have cost in the season in addition. They made another European semi-final they’ve made progress, but it still hasn’t shown up in terms of points and League position. I’m not overly satisfied or happy with how the season turned out. However, I am happy with certain things that improved as the year went on. It’s going to be a big summer for Roma as it officially closes its book on the campaign.