Grischa Promel kills it at the death In seven goal thriller as Gladbach comeback evaporates #2104

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10 min readApr 21, 2024


Hoffenheim 4 Gladbach 3FT

On Saturday night We are in the smallest city in the Bundesliga. Hoffenheim in the grand scheme of things is miniscule. In comparison to the other Bundesliga counterparts. The city itself has only 3,200 population. In the region of Sinheim there is a population 35,219. There are 2,056 cities in Germany Sinheim is in the bottom 20. They are the smallest populated city in Germany’s football pyramid. Quite surprising considering Hoffenheim has a good reputation in German football. This region is so small that you could fit 90% of the entire population inside of the PreZero Arena That has a capacity of a little over 30,000. This city isn’t exactly a tourist hot bed. In fact, any tourist that travels to Germany would hardly consider Hoffenheim as a place to visit. Visiting fans and residents make up the entire city on a weekly basis. It is not free of landmarks, First one would be the Burg Steinberg which is a tower. They also have a museum called the Kilma Arena It is a museum that is related to topics surrounding climate change has an indoor exhibition and outdoor theme park with a lot to discover about the climate. That would have to be a very specific interest of yours to come there, but for those that do this would be a thing to do in the city. The last thing would be Technikmuseum It is a technology museum opened in 1981. It is run by a registered association called Auto and Technic which also runs a near museum. As of 2004, the museum had more than 3,000 exhibits and exhibition area of more than 5400,000 ft² indoors and outdoors in addition to exhibits, the museum has a IMAX 3D theater that receives more than 1 million visitors per year. It is the largest privately owned museum in Europe. So obviously that would be the main attraction to Hoffenheim. However, considering the size of the city, the tourism isn’t exactly booming. It happens to be a lovely city, but it is not the location of tourist mania. On Saturday night Hoffenheim would host Gladbach. Neither side is in good form at the moment. Both to a certain degree. Will try to use this clash as a springboard to end their season on a high note. Hoffenheim earlier this season found themselves in a European battle. They lost momentum at the wrong time unfortunately sliding down the ladder out of contention for the final European position. They have lost three of their last five and despite more positive performance from Max Beier They seem to be fading down the stretch. Ending their losing streak would do them a bit of good. On the other side of things Gladbach is only playing for pride at the moment. The chances of them finishing in top 10 are not strong even though there’s a slight possibility. They are out of the European picture. They are free of relegation so essentially they have nothing to play for other than their own pride to end the campaign. They also have struggled lately with only one victory in their last five. However, they’ve only lost once over that stretch as it has been a lot of draws along the way. One of these teams is looking to return to winning form as Hoffenheim and gladbach will exchange blows on Saturday night in the Pre-Zero Arena

Hoffenheim At home looking for a slightly better performance than their first meeting as they lost it in the end. In the opening portion of the first half. Hoffenheim played somewhat aggressively finding space in the oppositions area. In the ninth minute Stefen Lainer puts in a decent cross into the box Luca Netz watches his shot take a deflection off the hoffenheim defense. The rising star repossesses it as he sends it outside to Robin Hack as he rips it from distance before Oliver Baumann collects. Hoffenheim then reintegrated their momentum. In the 14th minute Pavel Kaderabek took a touch from distance shortly after receiving it. It takes a deflection as Gladbach defensively position themselves well to deal with it. However, shortly after the Czech Republic international found himself with another in the 18th minute This time from close range yet Nicolas comes up with the save. After Promel fails to find the target in the 21st minute Kramaric takes a touch from distance as he is stopped in his tracks by Nicholas. Than Hoffenheim hit on the counter. A screwball was played through from Ozcan Kabak the finish from Promel from very close but didn’t hack it. Missing a substantial opportunity to take the lead. Gladbach interrupted the attacking play that hoffenheim was building into. Robin Hack drops a ball into the box for Julian Wiegel his strike from right in front of goal was stopped by Oliver Baumann. Gladbach had some opportunities here and there but it did seem like all the energy came from Hoffenheim. In the 32nd minute rising star Max Beier slashes the bar after a ball was delivered into him by Promel. As it turns out, Hoffenheim didn’t have to wait much longer. In the 36th minute hoffenheim take advantage of the poor defending from gladbach. A pass from their own area is picked off by Kramaric He then sends a through ball into the box the flying Dutchman Wout Weghorst as He beats the goalkeeper sliding it into the bottom corner to give 1-0 lead. However, their lead lasted all of 3 minutes. In the 39th minute gladbach got on the break Alassane Plea released Robin Hack forward from inside the box. He takes a terrific strike burying it into the bottom corner beating Oliver Baumann At his near post to grab an equalizer for Gladbach. Right before the break Max Beier and Kramaric look to connect as the Croatian from close range is stopped by Nicholas, the first half comes to a close all knotted up.

No one could dispute that. Hoffenheim has been the stronger side thus far. However, The error contributed to the equalizer. In the second half began Hoffenheim came through agitated and amped up. In the 50th minute, just a few minutes into the second half they narrowly got themselves back in front. Max Beier played through Wout Weghorst It is struck well before hitting the bar Kramaric on the follow-up was denied by Nicholas. A terrific denial of a clear goal scoring chance by Hoffenheim as the Nicolas comes up huge. Then In the 52nd minute Kramaric on the free kick takes a well constructed strike over the left corner, very close to another one. 1 minute later here they were again Max Beier collects the ball from Robert Skov The rising star goes from distance but there is Nicholas making another important save. However In the 58th minute Hoffenheim’s moment would arrive starting from the goal kick into Midfield they move the ball well before Robert Skov picks out a well-timed cross for Grischa Promel he collects it before sending a rocket from outside the box into the bottom corner past Nicholas as hoffenheim take a deserving 2–1 lead He makes up for his earlier miss with a sweet strike. This inevitably kicked gladbach into gear as their attack came back to life once again. In the 60th minute Plea picked up a through ball from Stefan Lanier However, is stopped from close range as Oliver Baumann is there. In the 62nd minute they gave it another go. A well-timed ball into the box from Robin Hack finds Nico Elvedi but his header is dealt with. 2 minutes later Gladbach is nearly there. In the 64th minute Stefan Lanier unloads from the side of the box hitting a powerful strike against the bar. He did everything right. Just lacked a bit of luck on that one. Unfortunately In the 68th minute. It looked as if Hoffenheim was about to put gladbach in the grave. Hoffenheim move the ball well before an attempted clearance. A seize hoffenheim repossess it Wout Weghorst delivers a well-timed ball into Ozan Kabak the Turkish shows some excellent dribbling tricking the opposition putting his opponent on skates takes one touch and another one before absolutely ripping the tear out of the ball from well outside the area code into the back of the net as hoffenheim took a 3-1 lead. However, Gladbach wasn’t’t going to die that easily they started to mount a comeback. In the 78th minute Hoffenheim displays horrendous defending. A cross coming from the right side by Joe Scally is delivered into a wide open Robin Hack No defender in the vicinity as he driven his head against the ball into the back of the net in what was truly schoolboy defending. This minimized The deficit as Robin Hack makes it a double. Hoffenheim trying to hang on to it in the end. However, gladbach had other plans. In the 89th minute Robin Hack tries an audacious and ridiculous strike from the right side crossing it into the net at the near post. A truly spectacular goal. Believe it or not Hoffenheim have surrendered a 3-1 lead. Horrible by Oliver Baumann That should have never left that much space to his right side. That’s a hat trick for a robin hack who has been one of the best players in the Bundesliga since January. Hoffenheim let them back in it and now they had to seek revenge in stoppage time. In a wild ride in the 91st minute here came Hoffenheim. They take the ball forward as they deliver a cross from the left side. There’s a horrible defending occurring in the box with Grischa Promel wide open the ball comes across it overshadows him a little into Anton Stash directly behind him. He runs up and buries it into the bottom corner as all the magic that occurred from Gladbach in the final 15 minutes was ripped up with hoffenheim capitalizing less than 2 minutes after The equalizer to bury gladbach at the death. The full-time also goes in what was a seven goal Thriller with so much drama! Hoffenheim is victorious with a 4-3 victory with Promel securing the winner in Sinsheim.

An unbelievable level of chaos in the end. Gladbach will be heartbroken and devastated as they should be. Especially considering the fact that they worked so hard to erase the deficit only for hoffenheim to come down the other end and reclaim the lead. However, hoffenheim from start to finish were absolutely sensational for the most part. Some errors and mistakes were made on some of the goals and that’s something that Hoffenheim will need to deal with internally. They can’t be making those sort of mistakes the way they did. However. Collectively it was a near flawless performance, especially in the attack. Everyone played their role and did their part. They were a mile and a half better than Gladbach truly never should have been in that situation to begin with. They let the individual display of Robin Hack do it to them we saw the worst version and the best version of Hoffenheim all at the same time. An absolutely thrilling display with so much drama and chaos about the result. In the end, hoffenheim clearly deserved it. Grischa Promel was superb! Not only because of the goal but because of his overall play. Max Beier didn’t get on the score sheet but again the kid shows his ridiculous quality this season. Wout Weghorst stepped up in a big way. Getting back on the score sheet himself. Not to mention what a goal from Kabak. So much credit and praise can be put on the attacking play in Midfield control throughout. It was just silly mistakes that got them in an uncomfortable situation, but for the most part, hoffenheim should be very pleased with the way they played. From a glodbach perspective. You have to give a lot of praise and credit to Robin Hack. Since the second half of the Season began, he has been one of the most efficient players in the Bundesliga. In fact, I’d argue he’d be on a list of the top 10 to 15 best players in the league since February. He has uplifted them and scored in some huge matches. His stats are not insane, but since the second half of the season began, he’s been one of the most critical players in the side. This comeback was not engineered by the attacking play. He was engineered by a combination of some little mistakes by Hoffenheim and The overall quality and individual brilliance of Robin Hack. The only player on the Gladbach sideline worth anything mutually everyone else under it performed maybe that’s not totally fair. There were a few players that stepped up but collectively they let themselves down in a big way. Their young diamond in midfield Rocco Reitz was absolutely atrocious his worst game since his start. Got a bright future really nice player but against Hoffenheim was really brutal. Gladbach to put it nicely A different season, a different manager but same old Gladbach. They’re going to end up in another season where they finish in the bottom half of the table and it matches like these that kill them. Credit for the comeback but glodbach got exactly what they deserved. Hoffenheim taking a big three points A top eight finish very well could be on the cards for them.