It’s the late show again for Leverkusen! Josip Stanisic pulls 97th minute equalizer at Dortmund to remain perfect #2105

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7 min readApr 22, 2024


Dortmund 1 Leverkusen 1FT

We’re here in Dortmund where football around here is very much the culture and the attention of the city. Dortmund is the home to Westfalenpark a famous park of beautiful scenery an expensive park, a tourist destination, a beautiful green forest in this region of Germany. Along with the Dortmund zoo with so many different animals. Perfect way to spend any afternoon, Florian Tower that overlooks the entire city. It may not be the most touristy city in Germany, the city still has plenty to offer outside of the football. Dortmund is famous for being Europe’s densest cultural landscape with 1,000 industrial monuments, 200 museums, 250 festivals, 120 theatres and three musical theatres. Then on top of all that a very famous football in town with the German football museum not far away. It is also the home to Dortmund and Schalke. If you were to ask the locals however they would say but the best part of Dortmund is where we are here today the historic Signal Iduna Park and the famous Yellow Wall. As Dortmund hold unbeaten Bundesliga winners Leverkusen. Last weekend they officially won the league with an astounding celebration and performance against Bremen. They’re going to look to keep this going and keep their perfection intact. However, the yellow wall endortment are going to try to do everything they possibly can to pull off the impossible and wreck Perfection. Dortmund has not lost to Leverkusen In their last three matches. Prior to that Leverkusen had back-to-back ones of more than four goals. Earlier this season Dortmund took the lead and ultimately had to settle for a point after Boniface got an equalizer in the last 10 minutes. Points are very valuable for Dortmund and meaningless for Leverkusen. The Bundesliga Champions are only interested at this moment and keeping themselves invincible. This is probably the last match in the Bundesliga that they could potentially lose. Dortmund are still in a fight with RB Leipzig for the final spot for the Champions League as they are within points of each other. So as much as Sunday afternoon was about Dortmund trying to wreck Perfection. They also need a result for their own good in their battle for Champions League football next season. Both Dortmund and Leverkusen are in a European semi-final. They may have other things to worry about, but at the same time in this huge monumental clash Dortmund will try to end their unbeat and run that has lasted 45 matches. The biggest match of the season for Dortmund as they look to try to take apart the most indestructible team in Europe. Roma very much would like to be the ones to end the invincibles but Dortmund at home in front of the yellow Will attempt to make a run at it as kickoff approaches In Dortmund.

Alonzo seemingly has his eye on the clash with Roma next week. As a numerous of regulars rested including Wirtz Someone that would have otherwise been Dortmund’s biggest challenge. Leverkusen progress forward to catch Dortmund by surprise in the opening seconds. Jonas Hoffman delivers a headed pass for Jermaine Frimpong It is struck from a difficult angle off the mark. Leverkusen would push forward again with a similar operation. In the 8th minute. Nathan Tella delivers it into Jermaine Frimpong but his header is off. At the start it did seem one-way traffic for Leverkusen. In the 14th minute Jonas Hoffman hit from distance but off the target it goes. Dortmund eventually made themselves known in the 16th minute as Ryerson from distance can’t find it. Leverkusen end up winning themselves another corner. In the 21st minute Jonas Hoffman locates Nathan Tella I can’t get it down once more as it remains level. It ended up being somewhat of a slow paced first half with chances occurring but not truly at threat of scoring. Most of the chances have come from Leverkusen this far but not finding the edge yet. In the 36th minute, the first half of the winding down as Alex Grimaldo blasted one from distance once again Lukas Hradecky not needing a reaction. In the 38th minute, Alex Grimaldo misses off a free kick. And then to end the first half. Finally a shot on target as in the 45th minute. Marcel Sabitzer fires one from close range but is denied as the first half comes to a close without a goal from either in what has been a rather uneventful first half at signal iduna Park.

Not too many chances for either side. It has been a very slow paced first half with not a lot of attacking play occurring. Dortmund at home looking to open up as Julian Brandt is expected to be very critical in the second half in trying to wreck the Perfection that is held by Leverkusen. Dortmund came out of the second half. Very aggressively. They immediately won themselves a corner. In the 46th minute, Julian Brandt delivers a ball into Matt Hummels His header drags to the left. We then saw Julian Brandt facilitate Marcel Sabitzer only to see his attempt blocked by the opposing defense. Marius Wolf suffered the same as defensively Leverkusen appeared sharp. In the 57th minute Alex Grimaldo unhooked a long ranger trying to pick out the corner. It was inevitably saved by Gregory Kobel. This turned out to be rather of a bit of an ugly game. It wasn’t hugely surrounding the attacking play at a high level. It was a brutal and ugly clash to a degree at least. The later we got into it the further it seemed as if we were getting closer to a goal withdrawal. In the 68th minute Jonas Hoffman facilitates Nathan Tella from inside the box from very close range he is denied by Gregory Kobel again. Both teams made some changes with the possibility of a breakthrough seeming thin bringing on explosive options. Certainly trying to sway the result in one way or another. In the 75th minute. Jermaine Frimpong It’s a strike off a set piece but can’t find the target. Then all of a sudden Dortmund found their moment. In the 81st minute Leverkusen Perfection was under threat. Julian Brandt made a terrific run into the box before shedding it to the outside. The ball is then delivered for Nicolas Füllkrug as he takes a strike out of the air into the back of the net as the yellow wall explodes It would be his 14th goal of the season. A couple minutes later in the 85th minute. After a tackle, there was a huge scuffle between both sides. Initially, Victor Boniface was given a red card. However, on the replay it showed that it was actually Xhaka grabbing a Dortmund player around the neck. He was given a yellow card as the events continued. Everything was heading towards a first defeat of the season. However somehow Leverkusen Just keep doing it. In the 97th minute in the last kick of the game Wirtz puts together a brilliant run that wins themselves a last gasp corner. It is delivered in by the young Superstar before finding the head of Josip Stanisic he drives the ball into the roof of the net again. It is The late show as Leverkusen somehow keep themselves alive and their unbeaten streak intact. The referee blew its whistle with 1–1 draw Once again.

Leverkusen seem to be running out of opponents that could possibly beat them. Hoffenheim and Dortmund two matches in which it required late dramatics to pull it off. Those two fixtures seemed like the most likely defeats that they could face. In neither one of those matches. Did it evenly be remotely seen that they were going to come back and take something. What we saw again is late fireworks keeping them unbeatened looking down the rest of their schedule, there are very few matches in there that seem like possible defeats. They weren’t at their sharpest nor were they at their best. However, somehow they managed to pull it off just shortly after Füllkrug looked as they grabbed a winner. Neither side played particularly well. Both found one moment each and inevitably a draw is probably the proper result. However, if it wasn’t for that final corner Dortmund would have beaten them. It still leaves the chance for defeat for Roma in the semi-final of the Europa League against them. Wirtz came through to save the situation he comes in with the last 20 minutes and finds and assist off the corner. The kid now has 19 assists this season. He is the best midfielder on the planet and I’m not particularly sure it’s very close. It was a battle in the end. Somewhat the way the first class ended up being. Dortmund will be devastated not only because they almost wrecked Perfection, but also they are in a very hectic Champions League battle with RB Leipzig. They have now lost a little momentum with that and what will feel like two points dropped instead of a point gain. They will now need a little help to reclaim the position in the Champions League unless they win. The competition wasn’t perfect by any means. It also wasn’t all that exciting. This happens to be a rarity in the Bundesliga. The vast majority of the matches in Germany are true like cinematically entertaining. However, despite how underwhelming and uninspiring it was at times it did have a level of drama at the end as they always seem to do as they exchange points in front of the yellow wall.