Lazio’s stroke of luck sees through Roma in Derby as they do the double #1730

Lazio 1 Roma 0FT

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On Sunday night we see the return of the Rome Derby. The Derby Della capitale between Roma and Lazio. Arguably the most important rivalry in Italian football. Historically speaking the teams in Milan and Turin are chasing trophies and titles. In Rome, this has been an incredibly rare occurrence. Putting so much importance on the superiority in the city and which club finishes ahead ahead of the other. It is about having the bragging rights of winning the derby. Both clubs exist in a very similar part of the table, putting an extra level of importance on getting the result for either. Lazio are looking to do a league double against Roma. After beating Roma 1-0 in the earlier meeting. It would be the first time in many years in which the blue side of the Rome the little brother could get a clean sweep. The other hand, the result of this match very well could determine which Rome club finishes ahead of the other. Lazio have finished ahead of Roma for several years as Roma has been undergoing a level of dysfunction into quite recently. Continuing to have the leg up could be a great deal of importance. As historically speaking, they have been on the wrong side of this affair. For Roma, it would maintain their place in the Champions League position after AC. Milan were defeated on Saturday evening. Setting up a clash between Roma and Lazio. Two teams that have a very serious level of disdain for one another. As clashes between players, physical violence and chaos very well, could be on the docket. Lazio looking to secure themselves in second place at least for the moment. Meanwhile, Roma trying to get revenge from the previous meeting. Hoping to strengthen their champions league position in the process. Things were just about to unleash with the Lazio, fans and Roma fans. Making themselves heard has the kickoff approaches at the stadio Olimpico.

The match kicked off as chaos began as the derby took notice with the eyes of Italian football on the two Rome clubs. Roma took a very passive approach in the early goings. They suspected that Lazio was going to press them and try to infiltrate the defense making them uncomfortable. They took a certain vantage point that they did in the Europa League in midweek. It worked on that night and are hoping to get the same results on this night. In the fifth minute Luis Alberto stung one from distance coming relatively close but Rui Patricio didn't need to budge. It was a very physical altercation from the very beginning. Based on the match and the way it was unraveling, there was a certain level of hatred fueled tackles throughout. No one was able to breathe and there were constantly dirty exchanges from both sides. Roma, for the most part sat back as lazio had most of the ball. Occasionally they would transition into the attack and look very dangerous. In the 18th minute Gini takes a well-timed effort from distance heading into the corner but goes a little high in the end. However the best chance of the game for either team thus far if it had dipped just a little bit, he very well could have found the back of the net. They got an immediate reply from Lazio as Felipe Anderson try to sneaking one from close range but Patricio unfazed makes the save. Roma got forward again this time in the 24th minute as Lorenzo Pellegrini perfectly sets through Ibanez. He follows through on the header but deflected by the Lazio defense. Dybala grabs the rebound and fires from close but blocked again then Mancini finds Belotti with the header the goalkeeper finally makes the save. In the 29th minute Lazio tries to break through again but Mattia Zaccagni has his attempt saved once again. Not really testing the goalkeeper. It was a very physically demanding match with both teams getting into it constantly. However, things were about to turn even more sour. A horrendous officiating decision sees Ibanez get sent off. The Brazilian center back supplied a very soft and vanilla tackle yet was given a second yellow card. A very altering moment of the game. His tackle did not warrant even a foul yet he was sent. Once again Roma victims of another horrid decision as they are reduced to 10 men. The intensity and the altercations only multiplied following the obvious error made by the official. In the 37th minute Savic missed wide as his strike from close range hooks to the left. Once again, no reaction needed. Even though Lazio had a man advantage and the majority of the ball, they very rarely looked threatening as they pressurize Roma in their box. In the final minute of stoppage time, Pedro sees a shot blocked that would end the first half with a goalless draw exchanged between the two sides as the first half comes to a close.

Quite a tension between the two Rome clubs that very obviously do not like each other. A horrendous decision to give Ibanez a red card. Certainly tips in the direction of Lazio. Certainly a consequence of that Roma had to take out Dybala due to the circumstances of them needing another defender in the back. I'm not sure exactly why Dybala was the one sacrificed but honestly in some way it kind of makes sense. Belotti was immediately hit at the start of the second half. He has been smacked pushed elbowed you name it every time he touch the ball he's being brought to the ground. Very rarely was anything called. This continued to happen to him as they're really seem to be a tipping point as the Romans continue to be so frustrated with what Lazio managed to get away with. Roma tried to put all that behind them and get themselves back within the game. In the 50th minute Gini catches a cross from the wing as he gets his head on the end of it trying to directed into the corner but once again they can't get it in there. Louise Alberto and Felipe Anderson connect as Patricio comes to the rescue again getting his hands on it to keep things level. Lazio put that pressure as they had the ball in the danger areas almost constantly. They continue to try to break them down but honestly fail to do so. While they tried to squeeze things in Roma, defense was there on almost every occasion to reply. In the 62nd minute Pedro finally gave Lazio a shot on target as his strike from a difficult angle ended up in the hands of Rui Patricio. Then just like that a few minutes later Lazio got their stroke of luck. In the 65th minute, Mattia Zaccagni got through the Roma defense briefly and hit an unbelievable strike into the corner. Rui Patricio just couldn't get to it as Lazio take a 1-0 lead. A problematic situation an unbelievable hit but the Lazio midfielder probably should have received a second yellow card long before this yet he is the one sticking it in the back of the net. Tammy, Abraham and Matic, come on for Roma following the goal. In the 67th minute Lorenzo Pellegrini puts in a beautiful cross into Mancini who gets on the end of it with his header, but the goalkeeper makes the adequate save. A moment later Roma crashed the box forcing an own goal as a Lazio defender puts it in the back of the net. It was then reviewed for offsides. Believe it or not, even though there was no legitimacy for taking the goal away, they canceled it out. The second time in this match in which Roma has had something go against them, the red card in the first half and now this. Inappropriate officiating and a brutal resolution for Roma’s that now have to go get a goal again after just scoring. Roma continued to fight for that goal. Lorenzo Pellegrini sets up Leo Spinzolla who is denied from the side of the box by the Lazio keeper. El Shaarawy than comes in. With 10 minutes to go in the 80th minute. Lorenzo Pellegrini puts his foot through a headed pass from Tammy Abraham coming very close. Just narrowly missing. Frustration continues to build for this Roma side that certainly doesn't deserve to lose. Roma, just couldn't find that moment as chaos would erupt late in the second half in the 97th minute. Both cristante and Marusic giving red cards adding to the red from Ibanez and the two red cards given to the officials. A five red card derby with an array of controversial referring decisions again as Lazio's stroke of luck sees them do the double against Roma for the first time since 2011 as they take a 1-0 victory against their bitter rivals as Roma display frustration and anguished at the final whistle.

The derby of Rome tonight was completely childish from all angles. There was a certain physicality and dirty actions throughout the 90 minutes that we witnessed. Another Roma match filled with controversy over referring decisions. A lack of consistency shown once again. However, positives can still be taken from it from both perspectives. However, we can't push forward until we acknowledge some of the nonsense that we saw today. It was dirty from both teams. Extremely physical and the official let it go for far too long. There is certain amount of responsibility of control in these types of situations. Roger Ibanez getting sent off in the first half could have changed the complexion of the game. It was a very mild tackle and probably not even a foul yet he was sent off. Belotti was hit in the face kicked bodied every time he touched the ball. Lazio were given free range to put their hands on him whenever they pleased. Both Mattia Zaccagni and Luis Alberto should have been given second yellow cards before the goal was scored. Roma equalizer should have stood. It was literally an own goal. Nobody was interfering in any way it wasn't offsides and that's another very defining moment that changes the score line. Both sides got away with far too much. It wasn't just Lazio even though they very easily could have had two sending offs if the game was called properl but Roma very much were provoking them in this sort of way and had some childish actions of their own. The problem is all the mistakes made from an officiating standpoint could have changed the result. Roma were battling from 10 men for the majority of the game. Even got that goal only for it not to count. That's a point lost because of that decision. However, the appalling behavior between the two sides is exactly what should be expected in a match like this between two clubs that have significant disdain for each other. Nonetheless, I have to get credit due. As much as I think there's some evidence of BS and the three points that Lazio received should have been split between both sides and what should have been a draw. However, the lazio delivered in a moment they needed to. An unbelievable strike from Mattia Zaccagni regardless of whether or not he should have still been on the pitch he could not have hit it any sweeter. Lazio did a good job of pressuring Roma in the box and eventually found a way to break through it. Took them a long time to even get a good look. Rui Patricio played a fantastic game and kept them out as long as possible. Lazio pressed the Roma defense all match long and put them under pressure. An unbelievable display in front of goal they didn't provide much other than that one chance. So there certainly positive surrounding the way they have conducted themselves in the match outside of their dirty tactics. But the way they played the game was very sound. But they're still seems to be improvement needed in front of goal. They come away with the victory and they get the goal that they needed. But outside of that chance Roma we're almost comfortable with their rivals attacking them they need to be a much bigger threat in front of goal because even though from top to bottom this side isn't as good as Roma with a few more pieces. They could become a little more dangerous than they are. So as much as I'm frustrated with the result, there were certain aspects of the Lazio performance that should be respected. From a Roma standpoint. Unbelievable defensive display and another shining performance from Patricio. They had to coexist without Dybala at halftime due to the red card. But after Lazio had scored they went and got a goal back immediately and during the late stages of the game they put that level of pressure on Lazio and probably had overall the better chances of the game. The problem is they didn't create enough but they were put into that situation because of being a man down they couldn't risk too much. Another display from Zalewski That seems to be getting better and better through each moment. Honestly Roma barely put a foot wrong all match. They just couldn't find that moment after the goal was disallowed. Both teams put together a strong performance that should give them confidence. However, Lazio end up doing the double in the derby. Despite obviously game altering decisions made by the referee. In a nutshell, this is exactly what the derby should be. Two teams putting their bodies on the line trying to inflict pain on each other with one goal separating it. Now it still was a stroke of luck, but from a neutral point of view, this was certainly an unbelievable match to watch. At least that's what I can imagine. Being a romanista I can't speak on the neutral but the neutrals I've talked to we're glued to it. Will only do great things for the continued grow for the Italian football. Roma going forward. Luckily are only 1 point out of the top four and still may finish ahead of Lazio. This isn't doomsday or anything like that. After the international break, they take on Sampdoria with a few more winnable matches to follow before Atalanta and Inter Milan. It's not over. This isn't not ideal obviously, but they still can come out of the international break and get back into business. Take the positives from the match. José Mourinho will be back on the bench and they can assess what needs to be done to get them back on track to climb back into the top four. AC Milan's loss this weekend still has Roma and a great position despite the circumstances here.