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Gladbach 2 Bremen 2FT

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On Friday night, as we kick off the Bundesliga weekend, we are in the North Rhine-Westphalia region for a clash between two European hopefuls that desperately need to get back on track. Over the last five games, Gladbach and Bremen have the worst form of any team not in or near the drop zone. Gladbach comes into it with four losses in their last five, including humiliation to FSV Mainz and RB Leipzig; ironically, they’re only victory came against Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Bremen continue to suffer at the start of 2023. Their only victories in the last five came against Stuttgart and Bochum, two teams residing in the bottom portion of the table. The two sides come in side by side in the table in 11th and 10th, respectively. Both teams still could be well within the range of chasing down Wolfsburg and Frankfurt for the conference League position. Both of teams have had a significant amount of problems this season. Gladbach being dragged through the mud for their inability to finish the chances they create that have lost them many points this season. On the other hand, Bremen has arguably the best strike partnership in the Bundesliga but has been erratic defensively; these two things represent why the pair find themselves out of European positions this season. Both teams deserve to be higher up in the table but have let little things dictate their season. Bremen have a top-six attack this season, and in the previous fixture, they showed off their goal-scoring as they put together a clinic against Gladbach as had a two-goal lead in the opening 12 minutes of what turned out to be a 4–1 victory. Both teams seem to be in vastly different places from where they were in the previous meeting. It seems like a performance from either could Kickstart their season and a positive direction. European football still remains a distant possibility for them. One of these teams is going to have to turn the tide if they really do intend and trying to chase down Frankfurt and Wolfsburg. Things were just about to get underway at Borussia Park as 41,000 filled the seats with smokes of green coming from both ends to ignite the Friday night clash. Two teams in search of Europe find themselves on the wrong foot. Looking to use this performance to turn the tide and ignite a late surge for Europe.

The proceedings got underway at Borussia Park. as the match unfolded. As expected Gladbach held their fair share of possession in the opening portions of the game. They eventually started setting things up. In the 7th minute, Nico Elvedi took a swipe at a cross coming from Jonas Hoffman but fired it wide. A minute later, in the 8th minute. A very similar situation this time. Marcus Thurman on the cross and Lars Stindl on the connection by the end result was the same. This has been their problem all season. They can’t convert in front of goal and don’t produce a lot of high-quality chances. Bremen handled themselves fairly well. Their obviously concerning defensive record, they managed to handle the pressure being put forth by Gladbach in the 22nd minute. Marcus Thurman collected a Jonas Hoffman cross only to be denied by the keeper from his strike from in close. It took a while for the match to come to life. A very small amount of chances being exchanged between the two sides. 10 minutes later, in the 33rd minute Lars Stindel Hit one from a distance, but the goalkeeper managed to corral it. A few minutes later, in the 37th minute, Florian Neuhaus sees his attempt blocked. It wasn’t until late in the first half that Bremen got themselves going in the attacking sense. In the 40th minute, they come dangerously close as Nico Schmidt sends in a cross meeting the head of Mitchell Weiser hooking to the left. A minute later, in the 41st minute, Füllkrug rips one from the side of the box only to be collected and followed into the corner. Gladbach soon got on the counterattack, with Marcus Thurman having a huge chance to take the lead. On the counter attack all he needed to do was a supply. A slight touch after a brilliant run, but he puts too much on it as the ball dips and lands on the top of the net instead of over the keeper and in the goal. Another example of why those interested in signing in should proceed with caution, as he misses another huge chance that very quickly could have had Gladbach take the lead. A pair of misses by Gladbach would signal the end of the first half. Through 45 minutes, it was a 0–0 draw at Borussia Park.

Gladbach certainly had their moments, but they seem to be not taking advantage of them. Bremen didn’t have to do too much as the mishaps in front of goal by Gladbach were doing enough damage by themselves. Marcus Thurman, at the end of the half really should have scored that goal. Meanwhile, although Bremen did not create a lot of chances in that opening half, when the chances came, they immediately put Gladbach under pressure to put forth some high-quality chances. The second half got underway in the 47th minute. Schmidt supplies a through ball to Marvin Duckish has a good look but misses it to the left. However, eventually, Gladbach managed to cash in in the 48th minute. Jonas Hoffman set up Marcus Thurman. The Frenchman takes a touch before sending an unbelievable strike into the bottom corner. As much as he misses many chances, strikes like that make us all forget about that as Gladbach takes a 1–0 lead.

Gladbach tried to build on that as they continued to take chances, but the results remained unchanged. In the 54th minute, Gladbach came dangerously close. One Hoffman mismanaged a strike from close range as the defender came out of nowhere and got to the ball before. Anything could be done about it. A moment later, in the 55th minute, Florian Neuhaus came close but still no dice. In the 59th minute, Jonas Hoffman rips one from distance, but the goalkeeper managed to get to it. Gladbach kept pushing in the 61st minute. Jonas Hoffman sent through a beautiful ball into Marcus Thurman, putting him in a very dangerous position in front of goal. It should have been cake, but he missed handles the situation for the second time as the goalkeeper made a save when all he needed to do was slide it into the corner. He would come back and hunt them in the 65th minute. Bremen put together a brilliant goal. Schmids through ball goes into Marvin Ducksch, sending it into the bottom corner to find the equalizer. However, this would only last for a while. After a save from Lars Stindel, Florian Neuhaus sends a rocket from distance into the corner as Gladbach the 2–1 lead.

It became a real fight as we got into the closing stages. Bremen who've made good on their chances they've been given. Haven't created a lot, but we're trying to find themselves in those positions to at least rescue a point. In the 89th minute they eventually found their moment at the death. Füllkrug retrieve the ball before supplying a beautiful touch into marvin duckish who drills it into the corner underneath the goalkeeper as Bremen get their equalizer just as stoppage time approached. In the 92nd minute, Marvin duckish nearby got his hat trick as Füllkrug supplied him a headed pass that he smacked nearly hooking into the corner but going wide as the full time whistle expired with Bremen coming from a losing position twice to secure a well-earned point. Miss firing Gladbach failed to close the door while Bremen convert when they needed to as we see a four goal thriller on Friday night at borussia Park.

Gladbach and Bremen see an opportunity slip through their grasp. With Wolfsburg taking maximum points against Stuttgart and Frankfurt likely to handle their business on Sunday afternoon. The European chase has just taken a hit. The conference League position could still be something that can be chased down, but the likelihood certainly takes a hit as neither can close the deal. Bremen will undoubtedly be the happier of the two sides at the final whistle, for two simple reasons. Bremen last season was recently promoted back into the Bundesliga. Coming into the season, they were very few expectations that they would accomplish anything significant. They are expected to be in a relegation fight, not in an improbable chase for conference League. Secondly, they’ve recovered from losing positions twice away from home at Borussia Park. Bremen may have yet to create a ton of chances, but they still managed to cash in when it mattered. From a completely mental standpoint, they should be proud of their performance. It’s still, at the end of the day, just a point earned, but it’s something they truly worked for. They still have critical issues. Defensively but their attack is still something special. Pure beauty in both of the goals scored as they moved the ball as a collective and found their opportunities. Marvin Ducksch with a brace as he scores the essential goal at the very end. They created enough to score the goals they needed to get a result and maybe even could have got a winner in stoppage time. Overall, they handled the game well away from home against a team that created much more, from a Gladbach point of view. It feels like a loss. They had so many opportunities to capitalize further than they did. They could have probably scored four or five goals throughout the 90 minutes. They end up with two, keeping it close enough to allow Bremen to come back and steal a point at the death. Gladbach performance was very productive. They just couldn’t sink the game when they needed to. While Breman had no expectations of a European position this campaign, you can’t say the same about Gladbach. It does appear they’re going to miss out on European football yet again. They have the quality and the talent to get it over the line. They’ve just failed in the most basic areas consistently. When the chances come, stick it in the back of the net; it is something they failed to do all season. And despite all the positive things they’ve been able to do this campaign and the way they’ve improved and certain areas, The individual quality of Jonas Hoffman isn’t going to be enough to get it done. Marcus Thurman, in his performance, showed the type of player he could be with an unbelievable goal. However, he also shows exactly why he’s not reaching it. He is going to leave at the end of the season on a free contract. Like I’ve said over the past couple of weeks a serious team should not sign him as a number one option. He could have had a hat trick Friday night. He has missed more chances than any striker currently on the charts this season. On the first goal, all he needs to do is tap the ball over. The goalkeeper fails to do so. In a near one-on-one situation, sliding the ball in the corner with finesse would have given him another goal. While the goal he scored was absolutely sensational, a beautiful strike to the corner, he could have scored in two other opportunities, but in the end, will have certainly cost. Glad back the points. While Gladbach had nine shots on target through 90 minutes, which is a fairly large number for a team like theirs, they had too many opportunities through too many different sources to score, and they failed to. In contrast, the results don’t help either. Gladbach certainly has yet to do themselves. Any type of favor with their failure to launch in front of goal yet again. They couldn’t even infiltrate one of the weakest defenses in the Bundesliga, which speaks volumes to the problems that exist. As the battle for The conference League spot weaken as they lose the lead twice from winning possessions.