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Derby Choas: It is a Goal and NOT A RED; Lazio’s Dirty Tactics vs Roma’s Provoking

Eliot Ben-Ner
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The Rome Derby is arguably the most hated rivalry and European football. Not just now but historically. Roma and Lazio have a distaste for each other like any other. They are on the opposite sides of every issue. There is constant tension between the two sides. They hate each other in a way that's very difficult to explain. The fans hate each other for good reason, but the players hate each other as well beyond that there is always tension and toxicity in the air when they meet on the head. I wouldn't say that it's a changing of the guard, but this rivalry has become vastly more competitive over the years as the tension between the teams have his risen to the way it was in the old days. Roma had dominated lazio for many years. They went nine straight seasons finishing ahead of their derby rivals and haven't been swept by them since 2011. Roma and Lazio have a similar history in terms of accomplishments. Historically speaking, Roma fans are the working class of Rome that live inside the city where a lot of Lazio fans live outside the city. It is one of the several issues that they argue about. The point is superiority in the city matters the most to them. Most of the time, Lazio and Roma are not challenging for the biggest trophies. That's why there's so much importance on a match like this. As always, there wasn't an array of tension and controversy. Roger Ibanez given a second yellow card, the softest foul meanwhile, Mattia Zaccagni and Luis Alberto got away with a lot in the derby. It was dirty tactics as a whole from Lazio. Roma can't come out of this as not a part of the escalation then took place, but there wasn't dirty play coming from the Romans. In addition to the red card, Rome scored a goal that there was nothing wrong with and it was taken away. Ultimately handing the game over too lazio. What we saw yesterday was lazio's dirty tactics against a provocative Roma. Mattia Zaccagni the man who scored the goal should have been sent off long before he buried his strike. They were multiple Lazio players targeting Belotti throughout the 90 minutes. He was slammed to the ground. Elbowed tackled viciously on a cycle. The Roma striker recently recovered from an injury and it appeared that Lazio was looking to reignite it. I don't want to come off as a bitter Roma fan that lost the derby, but the level of aggressiveness coming from the Lazio players, particularly in relation to the Rome striker was infuriating. Lazio were hardly punished for the street like behavior they were displaying. In classic Derby fashion, Roma was provoking Lazio every chance. Both sides got under each other's skin and we see the exact result of that. We saw five red cards Ibanez two assistants and cristante and a Lazio player got into it at the end both receiving red. It was chaotic from start to finish. From a neutral perspective, it's exactly the type of atmosphere. Mystique and a healthy level of violence you would want to see in the most hated Derby in Europe. They got at each other in the end and there was anger, the violence and cheap shots all around. It seemed more like WWE than it did football. The level of violence we saw on the pitch comes back to what I said at the beginning. This match means so much. As Roma fan, we have to move on and get back in business but also Lazio have the bragging rights for the entire season. The level of anger and physicality that we saw is down to how important this match is to everyone in the city.

Luck or Not Lazio’s Different with Sarri

There are plenty arguments to be made around and how certain things impacted the final result. However, Lazio complete the double first time since 2011. As much as I rather not give them any praise for their performance. They were wildly, impressive and many aspects. Not just in the derby last night but in the general sense. Much like how. Jose Mourinho took over at Roma and transformed them. Sarri has done something very similar with the blue side of Rome. He came in and has delivered in a big way. After their victory last night, did they jumped all the way up to second. They seem to be destined to qualify for the Champions League next season. The failures in Europe are well documented as they were bounced out of the conference League with AZ and last season was bounced from the Europa League by Porto. However, He's coming with the job to rebuild the squad and make them at least a factor in the European race. He has done exactly that. Last season he got them to finish in 5th and then this campaign. He's on pace for the bare minimum. Fourth place finish. He has done this without investing a whole lot of money. While he has a wasted some cash on some players, he's also gotten in some shrewd signings. Most notably zacani the hero from last night and providol a brilliant pick up from Speiza. He has had the club going in the right directions as they no longer feel solely relied upon by Immobile He's managed to hold on to Savic and Alberto and has gotten the best out of the team. He was absolutely the right appointment to get Lazio back on track to be consistently within the European picture. The one thing Lazio has always lacked. It is consistently in the Champions League or Europa League spots. There will be a lot of range of motion. They would do really well one year and then there will be a huge drop off the next. With Sarri there they finally have some real stability. They've made some good signings. They've made some key departures and they're building the team in the right direction. As much as it hurts my soul to give any sort of price to the blue side of Rome. Sarri has done an unbelievable job there. The squad he was given may not been as dysfunctional as the Roma that Jose was received but they still lack so much to be a legitimate threat or a team that can be around about the European spots on a regular basis. He had to revamp a large majority of the team and finally is seeing the results from it. He has one three three derbies of four since he is arrived. Everything's starting to come into motion as Lazio have become a vastly different side under Sarri then under the predecessor. Last night there certainly positive to take from their performance. They had the right game plan pressurizing the aroma defense until there was a breakdown. They got absolutely nothing for the majority of the game but they capitalized on the one moment they had. They still needs to be improvement in their execution in front of goal, but sorry has handled this Lazio project perfectly and has them trending the right directions. They could blow it and miss out on the Champions League It seems a rather unlikely. While Roma you could argue is in a better position for the long term and are three pieces away from contending Lazio. Don't need that many pieces either. We could live in a world in the short term, we're both Rome clubs could contend for the title. That is what we want and that is what the city of Rome deserves. That is down to the work that has been done by both sorry and Mourinho. However, sorry is getting the best out of limited talent and we're seeing big results of it like the one we saw last night. As much as it, I hate to admit it. He has made them a legitimate factor in the Champions League picture and could be on pace to finish ahead of Roma yet again. Lazio just did the double against Roma for the first time since 2011. I don't think this could be plausible without the leading them man.

Roma need to move past this and get back to Business

Obviously would occurred last night in the derby wasn't ideal for Roma. It stings so much worse than any other defeat. Especially considering Lazio got charged with anti-Semitism during the derby last night. It's not so much. The performance or losing to them as a base of concept is the type of individuals and supporters that Roma lost to. The superiority obviously plays a role in it, but particularly the certain folks that support Lazio makes it hurt. Even worse. Roma needs to have a short-term memory after this. Unfortunately, there's an international break and perhaps they'll still be on the mind. However, when everything returns they need to step up and get results immediately. Get back on the right track. AC Milan dropping points helps them stay within range of still qualifying for the champions league. I still maintain the belief that they can do it. However, they need to put this behind them and get back on track immediately. They will be at home against Sampdoria. When everything returns. They will be without Roger Ibanez and cristante. Certainly important components of this Roma side. However, Jose Mourinho will be back on the bench. This should only re-energize the team to get back in business and show the level they're capable of. Roma hardly have conceded goals lately. It is difficult to score against Roma. Roman need to show everyone once again that they can be a force to be reckoned with. Dybala I feel will be critically important when we return. Tammy Abraham who had a hot start to 2023 has recently cooled down and he needs to get back and show us his scoring boots. Belotti hasn't scored a lot of goals this season but has continued to show progress and his impact with the squad. Ola Solbakken is another that should be called upon more often perhaps Jose will switch things up and come through with a different type of approach. The important thing is when it returns to get back and winning ways immediately. Roma almost need to win their next couple of games to put pressure on the other teams fighting for the champions league. Juventus. Believe it or not is only 7 points back. AC Milan and Roma will be fighting for that last spot most likely. However, keeping the results coming is going to be critically important so Roma can put this one behind them and do what they are capable of They will have the Europa League sprinkled in Roman need to use their depth to their advantage. They may not have great depth at the moment, but they need to use the different options that they have to their disposal as much as possible. Roma want to operate on all fronts available to them. Europa League Is competition They could win. They just need to put all the negativity out of them. Learn from the mistakes that were made and assess it to their next couple performances. If Roma can do that, they should find a way back to playing the way we expect from them.